The Buddies Brand team has been pushing “cannabis-derived terpenes” since they first hit the market in Oregon back in 2017. Now that they’re in Washington and California, Buddies’ newest wave is their Liquid Diamond live-resin products.

Available in over 90% of dispensaries in Oregon and also offered throughout Washington State and California, I enjoy the fact that Buddies is available just about everywhere I travel. I like that their products are easy to find and that they offer a competitively priced line of vaping and dabbing options that are made with 100% Liquid Diamond live-resin extract.

For PAX, Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin Is A Match Made In Heaven
What Are Liquid Diamonds ™ Live-Resin?

Buddies recently came out with this line of live-resin “diamonds” that have been reduced back to liquid form. Trademarking the words Liquid Diamonds™, these live-resin products do not contain any distillate whatsoever and have been made available in CCell cartridges, glass syringe extract drippers, and PAX Pods for the PAX Era vaporizer.

What’s nice about the PAX Pods is that when they’re running out, the wicks don’t give you that metallic taste. The dual-wick absorption in each PAX Pod is scientifically-made to capture every last drop of any of Buddies’ strain-specific Liquid Diamond offerings. Since it’s live-resin, and a little more viscous of oil, I really enjoy the temperature control the PAX Era offers. 

Choose Your Temp With The PAX App

By downloading the PAX app, you can customize the temperature you want to vape at. When you’re using one of Buddies Brand’s 100% Liquid Diamond live-resin pods, it’s worth trying it at a lower heat setting, somewhere between 520 and 550 degrees will give you a healthy hit that’s brimming with terpy flavor.

Then, once you’ve gotten the full taste, I like to crank it up to a higher heat for maximum clouds but less flavor. Get ready for a brain-blasting hit that will take you straight to the moon.

The high that follows each rip from a PAX pod taps into the terpenes and full spectrum entourage effect to create an experience unique to each strain. More than anything, I prefer live-resin carts because I know I’m getting pure, unfiltered cannabis oil every time with no substitutes or additives. Buddies Brand’s line of Liquid Diamonds™ does a great job of delivering the best cannabis extract experiences to me every time.

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For PAX, Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin Is A Match Made In Heaven

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