The city of Seattle has birthed a new wave of electronic artists that range from genre to genre, and having a steady nightlife has been the goal for many. Climbing the ranks, hitting milestones, and overall making a name takes effort, patience, luck and hard work. The best person that fits the shoes and persona of a hard working Seattle producer is Connor Campbell, also known as LEViT∆TE, who will be hosting a special event this weekend.

To celebrate his latest upcoming EP, Fatalism, LEViT∆TE will be hosting a release party at The Crocodile on February 1st. Joining him on the decks that evening are Washington natives Sawyer James and Quackson. The headlining event will feature a full audio and visual experience made solely on keeping the attendees in awe the entire night. The release party is 18+, and tickets start at $20. At midnight the Fatalism EP is going to drop, and will be public.

To purchase tickets for LEViT∆TE’s release party, click the Facebook event link here.

Finally, after the first event and the EP drop, there will be an official after party at Ora Nightclub, and will feature sets from RVN, Justynh, and Luckdragon. At the end there will be a special set by LEViT∆TE. This 21+ event will start at 10pm on February 1st, and will end at 2am. Advance tickets are available for $10.

LEViT∆TE’s most recent release, a remix of Assembler by Mefjus, on Vision Records.

In the past, LEViT∆TE has had releases on the Division Records label and Vision Records, collaborated more than once with Bassnectar, and has had other collaborations with Macntaj, Gunplay, Raz Simone, HPNTK, and 808 Mafia. In addition to all of that, we’ve also conducted an interview with Connor in the past. Click the link and check it out here.

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