It’s the third Friday of the month, you know what that means. It’s time for another Local Talk Fridays! For our second episode of our new bimonthly series, we sat down with one of the biggest names in the Seattle trance scene: Bobby Lilly, the mastermind behind Digital Ascension and The Sounds of Trance.





Lucky 2018 is only one day away, and we, like Bobby, simply cannot contain our excitement. With a stacked trance lineup on the new Bliss Stage, it seems as if the night couldn’t get any better. Thankfully we have someone with experience starting a trance party behind the decks!

Nic: Lucky is tomorrow, are you ready for your set? How does it feel to open as Digital Ascension for so many incredible acts?

Bobby: Yes, I’m definitely ready! It feels incredible and I’m honored to share the stage with so many pillars of trance in today’s music scene. It will be a moment I will never forget. 

N: What are some tracks you are looking forward to tomorrow night?

B: That’s a hard one to answer, but I would love to hear Slow Motion from GO, Burana from Ørjan Nilsen and Not Made To Break from Robert Nickson. 

N: USC released the trance stage lineup first for Lucky, which gives the impression that this is the main attraction for the festival. How do you feel about this years lineup for the End Of The Rainbow?

B: The lineups each year for trance just keeps getting better and better at Lucky. I think it’s great that USC continues to put so much focus on the trance lineup at Lucky and releasing the artist lineup first for trance fans I thought was a really cool thing to do.

N: Seattle Trance Alliance just celebrated two years. You were the founder of the brand The Sounds of Trance, how does it feel to see where it is today?

B: It feels wonderful to see how it’s doing today. Watching and being apart of something growing is a special feeling that you can’t get anywhere else, so I’m very proud to be apart of what it is today and to be the core of that brand.

N: If TSOT could grow this much in two years at The Underground, is there any limit in sight? Where to you anticipate these shows to be in the next year?

B: I don’t really believe in limitations. I think if you’re focused and want something bad enough, you can surpass any type of obstacle. As for where I see the shows in the next year? I think only time can tell that, but the future looks just as bright as ever. 

N: I know you opened for ATB at Foundation Nightclub last year as Digital Ascension, who was the starting inspiration of trance for you. What did it feel like opening for him? Can anything else compare to that for you?

B: That was such a special moment for me that I think about all the time. It’s not everyday you get to share the stage, or go face to face with someone who inspired you at such a deep level, it was very humbling and heartfelt for me. I don’t think anything can compare to that. That feeling and night is in a league of its own that I’ll cherish forever. 

Don’t miss a second of Lucky 2018 tomorrow at the Tacoma Dome! Get there early to experience this truly unique and passionate local. Come find us transcending reality the entire night on this stage!