Lonely Together is Back With Electric-Pop "Go to Sleep"

Lonely Together Is Back With Electric-Pop Song “Go to Sleep”

Lonely Together is back with another spectacular single off their upcoming EP, Neverlost.

The couple from Bellingham has been building a close following throughout the past year. Always interlacing themes of happiness, self-image and the good life, Lonely Together fits into a category all it’s own in today’s music landscape.

Earlier, in February, they gave a sneak peek into their upcoming album with the lead single “No VVS.” The song focuses in on the importance of self-love and devaluing material goods. With the success of “No VVS,” the duo have decided to release their second single off of the EP, titled “Go to Sleep.”

Lonely Together is Back With Electric-Pop "Go to Sleep"

“Go to Sleep” Release

Best defined as electric-pop with hints of hip-hop elements, the track has a feel good vibe perfect for the summer days ahead. With masterful mixing from ZAK, the layers of the song mix together for an audible experience few others can give.

“Go to Sleep” was originally written by both ZAK and Rosie after they both woke up early in the morning. Spontaneously, the two of them decided to write this track out of the pure genuineness of the moment.

ZAK himself mentioned that this song is a perfect example of how hard the couple has been working to make their dream in music a reality. No matter how early, no matter how busy, they’re going to create music that they can be proud of.

With interlinking vocals from both Rosie & ZAK, the song has a melodic and near spiritual tone and rhythm. A dream-like sequence, Go to Sleep’s title is quite understandable while listening to the track.

You can catch up with Lonely Together down below, and be on the look out for their upcoming EP Neverlost, releasing in late 2019.

Lonely Together – “Go to Sleep”

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