Cannabis and hip-hop legend Berner and the OG B-Real just put out their collaborative album, Los Meros. The 15 track project is full of absolute bangers that are perfect to spark up to. Just like the classic stoner movie, “Mac and Devin Go To High School,” this album goes best with some smoke in hand. One of the most consistent artists in the game, Berner stays putting in work for his fans.

Over the years Berner’s had major success with releases such as his May of 2019 release, El Chivo. The plug turned rapper knows what the fans like. He doesn’t try to overreach for anything that doesn’t represent who he is or what he does. It’s all fun for Berner, listening to this album you can feel how easy it all comes. You get the feeling that it’s a bunch of homies hot-boxing the booth and making the music they truly want to make.

Los Meros has a little something for everyone but, the big fan favorites so far have clearly been “Candy” featuring Rick Ross and “Fuel” which is actually the only track on the album with just Berner. “Candy” is a vibey track good for chilling with the homies and vibing out. “Fuel” is a bit more of a private song, one of those tracks you’d smoke and go on a drive to.

Berner & B-Real

Berner And B-Real Take Us To The Bay On Joint-Album 'Los Meros' Featuring Wiz Khalifa, Xzibit, Rick Ross, Dave East, And More

For fans that like a track with some keys, “While Driving” featuring Wiz Khalifa is bound to become a favorite track. An infectious beat backboned by the ivories will always sound good. But, when you got Wiz sliding on that beat it elevates to another level.

Los Meros has a plethora of tracks all unique in their own way. The album title song “Los Meros” also features Xzibit, who is doing a Cookies collaboration with his 7g Grenade pre-roll for 4/20. Maybe that’s why Berner has been so successful, diversity.

You know his propensity for boom-bap beats and flows, but he always brings a crazy cross-promotional marketing aspect to any drop. Exclusive merch, events, new Cookies strains or collaborations all add to the deluxe package Berner unveils with each album.

Berner & B-Real – “Los Meros”

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