Lowell Herb Co is best known for their award-winning pre-roll packs and cannabis bouquet. These products have been touted it popular publications like Complex, Variety, New York Post and NPR. Lowell Herb Co grows pesticide-free cannabis that’s triple lab tested to ensure premium safety for consumers. Lowell prides themselves in cultivating cannabis with organic fertilizers and pesticides, using natural materials from seed to sale and paying their employees a living wage.

Lowell Herb Co is a Los Angeles based cannabis brand and they’re getting into the holiday spirit. They’ve announced a new line of cannabis gift in a press release sent to Respect My Region. These gift sets that will be available just in time for Christmas and Haunaka.

 Curated Tasting Flight With Hand-Carved Ashtray Gift Set

This set features 10 one-gram joints of Lowell’s best strains. The strains will be selected to reflect the holiday season from its network of family-operated farms.
Lowell Herb Co Releases Gift Sets Just In Time For The Holidays

Eight Days Of Chanukah Tasting Flight

This set is designed for be enjoyed on each night of the Jewish holiday. This luxurious gift box features eight jars of cannabis flower, each filled with 3.5-grams. Each jar is vacuum-sealed and the set is encased in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box dawned with the Lowell billy goat. Learn More About Howell Herb Co And Their Holiday Gift Sets

Santa’s Sativa

This joint pack features seven half-gram sativa pre-rolls will help Santa Clause deliver presents all night long. Expect an energizing social spark from a few puffs of their hand-picked sativa strain.

Ho, Ho, Ho Hybrid

These seven half-gram hybrid pre-rolls are designed to envoke the euphoric Christmas spirits to help you battle through dinner arguments and the general annoyance from being forced to be in the same room as your family for hours on end.



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