Lux Pot Shop

Community. Culture. Cannabis.

Formerly known as Stash Pot Shop, Lux Pot Shop is a cannabis retailer is focused on educating every single customer about the positives of marijuana culture. Their website has plenty of cannabis 101 knowledge as well as history, how-to guides, and even recipes.

(Lux) has two locations, one in Ballard and another in Lake City. The buildings aren’t coated top to bottom in obvious green paint and they don’t have tacky weed artwork all over the place. Their approach is more elegant and minimalistic, with cedar counters and luxurious display cases.

Lux Pot Shop Proving Cannabis Culture Brings Value To The Community

Products vary from store to store, but both (Lux) locations carry some of Washington’s Best strains and brands. You can find some of our favorite cannabis from Artizen, Gold Leaf Gardens, and Oleum Extracts. If you’re in North Seattle, check out each of (Lux)’s respective menus before you head on in.

(Lux) Ballard
4912 17th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107


(Lux) Lake City
10333 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125


Giving Season at (Lux) Pot Shop

This year, (Lux) is hosting numerous collection drives from November 1st to December 31st. The shop will be collecting financial contributions for each non-profit throughout entire “Giving Season”, and will also be accepting physical donations during the drive times mentioned on the calendar below. Their goal is to raise donations that will benefit four of their favorite local non-profits.

November 1-15

Downtown Emergency Services Center is a pillar of hope for the Seattle homeless community. Founded in 1979, to provide emergency shelter and survival services for individuals chronically without housing, they have since expanded to provide employment, permanent housing, health services and more. As thought leaders in the fight to end homelessness, their progressive approach has led to both local and national recognition.

Most Needed: Gently used warm, winter coats – especially men’s sizes and monetary contributions.

November 15-30

Food Lifeline has been revolutionizing the way Washingtonian’s think about food collection since 1979. Born by a community-focused board of directors, with a desire to end hunger entirely, Food Lifeline now provides 90,000 meals to our neighbors, every day, 365 days a year. Recognized as a member of the Feeding America Network, and with localized sustainable programs like Seattle’s Table and Grocery Rescue, they have become and irreplaceable element in PNW efforts to change how we think about feeding our cities.

Most Needed: Non-perishable goods and monetary donations.

December 1-15

Mary’s Place was established in 1999 in response to overwhelming evidence that mothers and children have specific needs that weren’t being met by standard emergency service and shelter formats. They provide meals, hygiene facilities, medical care, and extensive resources to for housing and employment assistance. Just one of their facilities provides shelter for 300 family members, every night. Having created ways to partner with local corporations, to occupy space slated for demolition – Mary’s place has created a way navigate displacement caused by development, that will likely become an increasingly popular model throughout Seattle, and across the northwest.

Most Needed: Women’s hygiene products and monetary donations.

December 15-31

Treehouse was born in 1988, the brainchild of several DSHS social workers, who recognized the equity disparity faced by children and teens in foster care. The organization began by providing foster kids with the essentials they needed to feel loved, and have since expanded to providing 7,000 youth in foster care with support, supplies, and childhood experiences, that kids need to fulfill their potential. In 2012 they took on the ambitious goal of addressing the drop-out rate for high school kids and have since reframed the way we individualized support in the foster care system looks.

Most Needed: Toys and electronics designed for teens and monerary donations.


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