Mac Miller was a hugely influential hip hop artist to a large majority, if not all, of the Respect My Region team. As I write this article about the Mac Miller cannabis strain from Tranquil Forest I’m bumping his music through Spotify. This indica dominant hybrid is a combination of The White and MAC.

Tranquil Forest grows operates under the idea that they grow fire not hype. Price and quality also are not mutually exclusive. Their price points that I have seen at various stores are definitely affordable, but the weed outshines the price.

Tranquil Forest Has A Hit With Their Mac Miller Strain
Photo Credit: @Highlyelevated1

The Mac Miller strain smells divine. A combination of piney and sweet aromas seemed to leak out of jar even before I’d completely cracked it. Inside the jar are some light green nugs reminiscent in color leaves at springtime coated with a thick coat of dew. Small tightly packed buds cling around the individual stems, bunching the cannabis tightly together.

My first rip of Mac Miller was extremely pleasant and packed full of flavor. There was a definitive sweetness to the smoke that was a whole lot smoother than I originally anticipated. My body felt extremely relaxed while my mind just wanted to go. I found myself vibing with the music more than I usually do. Overall the high was mellow, never did I find it overpowering and I never felt glued to the couch.

Mac Miller Strain Overview

  • Indica
  • Genetics: The White and MAC
  • Aroma: sweet and piney

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Total THC: between 21% and 25%

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Tranquil Forest Mac Miller
Product Appeal9.1
Would You Recommend?8.8