Macklemore has been quiet for a while. Today that changes! The new record, ‘Glorious’ by Macklemore ft Skylar Grey is out.

Without Ryan Lewis, Macklemore summons local producers Budo and Tyler Dopps to handle the triumph pop-rap production. Macklemore doesn’t stray from what we’ve come to hear with Lewis. That token Macklemore spoken word flow over plentiful kick drums.

The record sounds great, I’m not the biggest fan but I see this getting radio play and Skylar killed that hook. I’ve never been Macklemore’s biggest fan, but I’ve always been happy for this guys success. Also, the track’s cover art is killer. Looks like it’s fresh out of my 70s LP collection.

Macklemore ft Skylar Grey – Glorious

Performed by Macklemore and Skylar Grey. Produced by Joshua “Budo” Karp. Additional Production by Tyler Dopps

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