While the coronavirus COVID-19 ravages the global economy and health care system, folks are really in lockdown. Quarantine has brought about a unique time to create and consume content. Like most “hot topics” the coronavirus has caused a stir of artists to play off the topic for viral fame. Seattle rapper Macntaj has incorporated the virus in his latest bop “I Hope You Cough.”

First off, this song is hot. It’s a catchy ex-love type joint you usually wouldn’t get from Macntaj. Putting quality music out with a comedic twist isn’t new, however. See his “Superpowers’ video for more proof of that. Secondly, this isn’t just a tasteless grab at viral attention. In these days and times, there’s nothing wrong with laughing and Macntaj even spoke on why he wanted to make a light-hearted jab at a very real subject.

The rapper noted, “Black folks been laughing through the hard times for centuries, this is a hard time for everyone. Of course, I don’t hope any of my ex’s or anyone for that matter gets it. I almost didn’t release the song because of how sensitive people are in 2020. One of my very close friends, whose grandmother recently contracted the virus told me how much the record brightened his day and told me I would be an idiot not to release it. He told me it was the first time he laughed in weeks. I said fuc it and dropped it an hour later.”

This is a great time to check in on your friends and loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic. If they have a sense of humor, send them this record to see how they’re holding up.

Macntaj “I Hope You Cough” (The Coronavirus)

“You basic ass bitch,

I hope you get sick,

I don’t hope you die,

but I hope you miss work.

She left me because she said I’d never grow up,

nobody understands me I’m a loner,

all these likes and comments got your nose up,

so tell me baby why’d you leave me broken,

bitch I hope you get the corona.”

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