Usually, I think of something witty or attention-grabbing to start an article out with, but this is serious business. We just got word that the first ever mixtape from Macntaj, Trappy Gilmore, just got uploaded to Soundcloud.

When asked about the project Macntaj said, “I finished that project in 10 days. I wanted to experiment with different styles and textures. Just have fun with it, it is a mixtape after all.”

From his rhymes to the album art, Taj always has a sense of humor with everything he does. Trappy Gilmore showcases the vast diversity that Macntaj brings to the table, it is a mixtape in its true form. This project has his signature written all over it, just written out ten different ways.

Listen To Macntaj Trappy Gilmore Mixtape

Quick Thoughts On The Slaps

Trappy Gilmore starts with an audio clip from a video that he originally posted to Instagram on January 12th.

The rest of the tracks, Macntaj said he named after the artists who he thought would sound dope if featured on those specific songs. “Dog” is the only track not named after another rapper. He released the music video back in December and the hook has been stuck in my head ever since. “You should never push my buttons, but my car push to start.”

Watch Macntaj “Dog” Music Video

Real day one Macntaj fans will recognize the first song on the tape, Joyner Lucas.” It’s a classic track that established an advanced wordplay early on in his career.

Now, on to the new-new that we hadn’t heard before. I’m a sucker for some sexy-ass guitar riffs and the track, Russ, gives me that. The fourth song on the album also features Taj’s partner, Taane Jr., from their previous satirical hip-hop duo Slightly Flagrant.

I’m a huge fan of Jay Park and I would love to see him hop on track five with Macntaj. On that beat, too, it would go so fucking hard. I’m glad he put the songs, “Jay Park” and Raz Simone,back to back because they are rhythmically very similar. It’s a good example of how Mac can take essentially the same beat and write multiple verses with entirely different cadences to the two.

Carrying more of a somber tone and trap flow, Macntaj pays his respects to the late “Jimmy Wopo” on the seventh track of the album. Then it transitions into the more melodic “YNW Melly” which plays as a reminder that Taj can rap in a range of different vocal tones as well.

Amine” features OnCue and Myke Bogan, and it honestly just makes me happy inside. “I woke up in the morning with a boner and a bone to pick. ‘Fore I pick my phone up, roll some dope up and I smoke that shit.”

The track, Travis Thompson, has that late night, we not fuckin’ around kind of vibe. That, creep through the shadows like a silent killer, kind of vibe. Lastly, Taj caps the tape off with “Karma Knows.” Lowkey, this the new slap right here. Mad respect for anybody who can write a banging hook, like that, that I find myself singing all day, every day.