I’ve been provided some interesting opportunities thanks to weed. Although I’ve been writing for RMR for a little over 3 months, I definitely didn’t believe that I would ever be presented with the opportunity to tour a legal cannabis farm. Thanks to Mad Mark Farms in Enumclaw, Washington, I got to experience what was potentially one of the best first tours I could ask for.

Nestled in the valley between Auburn and Enumclaw, Mad Mark Farms produces some of the most delicious cannabis that I, and many other people, have ever had the opportunity to smoke. The facility is exactly how I would imagine a fine craft brewery would’ve got it’s start.

We were greeted at a gate by a wonderful farm dog and Mad Mark himself. The dog eagerly greeted me as I exited the car, anxiously wanting to be loved. Before starting on the tour, I sat down for a smokey interview with Mad Mark. We talked about his history with cannabis and he even shared some interesting tidbits about our favorite Mad Mark strain, Grape Ape. That part of the experience is coming later, but for now, let’s focus on the tour.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape from Mad Mark Farms

A smaller shop, large enough for plants that are flowering and vegging sits behind a massive wooden fence. Imagine the size of a wall that would protect a castle. This farm felt secure.

Each plant receives dedicated individual care. This type of attention creates a consistently high quality product, something Mad Mark has provided for years. Having smoked an assortment of cannabis from Mad Mark Farms, his process clearly works.

Mad Mark Farms, sea of green, marijuana, 502

Mad Mark Farms

The smell of flowering marijuana permeates the room as you enter the rooms. Immediately, my allergies started acting up because of the pollen. The plants stretched from floor to ceiling, almost filling every square foot of the room. Mark’s Grape Ape dominates the flowering room currently since the market is loving these terpy buds.

An assortment of strains fill the farm including Blackcherry Soda, Carl Sagan, Pez, Hogs Breath, and Amnesia. For your chance to try Mad Mark Farms cannabis, visit Kush 21 in Burien, WA for proper guidance.