THCa isolates combined with strain-specific terpenes has become the newest concentrate concoction sweeping heady and dab culture. It goes by many different names, Oleum calls it rocks and sauce. Dank Czar has a diamond caviar that’s the same idea. Recently, Respect My Region got a sneak peak of Mammoth Labs terp diamonds while visiting their outdoor grow.

These concentrates are highly coveted because of the harmonious balance of memorable flavors and extreme effects. THCa provides a potent blast of THC while strain specific terpenes mold the effects into its sativa, hybrid, and indica nature. Each brand has their own recipe; from how the THCa is isolated to what solvent is used to extract the terpenes.

Mammoth Labs uses a precipitation method to create THCa crystals. Precipitation creates solids from a liquid solution. All of the terpenes for this upcoming batch of terp diamonds will come from Mammoth’s outdoor sun grown crops. I tried Mammoth’s Apocalypto terpenes poured over their refined THCa crystals.

The Apocalypto cannabis strain comes from Swamp Boys Seeds and is a cross between White Sour Diesel and Georgia Pine. Connor Jackson, Mammoth’s Lead Extractionist, poured fresh Apocalypto terps over THCa in front of my very eyes. The result is a terpene pool suspending rocks.

Apocalypto is an energetic sativa-hybrid with herbal, pine, and wood aromas. The terpenes soak into the crystals and turn them into a sponge-like consistency. The crystals can be cut with a dab tool and served easily like a slice of warm cherry pie. Terp diamonds can be dabbed like your other concentrate choices. Low temp, high temp, or somewhere in between.

Terp diamonds provide a unique dabbing experience. Once they hit your hot nail, the volatile terpenes smoke instantly hitting me with a bright herbal and pine taste. The crystal melted slowly while I rotated the carb cap, giving me all of the effects from the powerful THCa. This staggered effect is unparalleled with other types of concentrates I’ve tried to date.

These Apocalypto terp diamonds left me with a racy and motivational head high. The effects are long-lasting, the flavors coat your pallet. Mammoth Labs’ terp diamonds should be in your shopping cart when they hit the market later this year or early 2019.

Mammoth Labs Terp Diamonds Overview

  • Sativa-hybrid
  • Precipitated THCa Crystals
  • Apocalypto strain specific terpenes
  • Aroma: pungent pine, herbal, wood, and terpinolene
  • Flavor: Sweet herbal and pine

Terp Diamonds Soundtrack (RIP Mac Miller)