Growcentia A.K.A Mammoth Microbes was started at Colorado State University by three soil microbiologist research scientists. Matt Wallenstein, Rich Conant, and Colin Bell created the Mammoth P formula out of love for sustainable agriculture, and to give legal cannabis farmers tools to grow the best crops possible.

Cannabis plants are fickle. While they grow incredibly fast compared to other types of plants, quality cannabis flower hinges on the success of hundreds of factors from canopy density, the bug population, humidity, light schedule, atmosphere quality, temperature control, growing-medium ecology, just to name a few. Many growers are aware of the important role growing medium ecology plays in the overall health,  yield, and quality of a cannabis crop. There’s an entire ecosystem consisting of billions of microbes and bacteria living in the soil amongst the plant’s roots.

Some cannabis producers prefer hydroponic or aeroponic growing systems because massive amounts of water and nutrients are saved.  However, many believe that cannabis roots need a natural growing medium to thrive, creating the biggest dankest cannabis flowers possible. While some growers still use soil, soilless mediums have become popular as well. Soilless mediums and hydroponic systems don’t have the natural microbial ecosystem necessary to sustain healthy cannabis plants. Mammoth P comes is a product that bridges the gap between soil, soilless, hydro, and aeroponic growing methods to replicate natural growing conditions to create a balanced growing medium ecosystem.

Mammoth Microbes conducted a screening process of hundreds of soil samples from across the country and isolated four key bacteria strains that help sustain plant vitality. These bacteria have been co-evolving with plants for hundreds of thousands of years, according to Wallenstein.

Mammoth P is essentially a bottle of living organisms, like a bottle of kombucha or supplemental probiotics. These micro-organisms produce enzymes that make phosphorus and other carbon-rich compounds, micro, and macronutrients more bioavailable for the plant. Enzymes are important for plant health because they break down important nutrients into small enough particle sizes to be absorbed by the plant’s cell wall.

“Beneficial bacteria support plant growth by acting like mini enzyme factories. By continuously producing enzymes, microbes ensure that nutrients are efficiently recycled and delivered to plants- and that waste product doesn’t accumulate in the soil and soilless media,” per Mammoth Microbes research.

Mammoth P gives cannabis plants the natural tools to absorb more nutrients and transformers wasted micronutrients into useable fuel for the plant. Growcentia claims their Mammoth P formula can increase yields up to 16.5 percent. They found these results by conducting a study comparing plant growth with and without Mammoth P. The study was conducted at Colorado State University by Richard T Conant, Robert P Walsh, Michael Walsh, Colin W Bell, and Matthew Wallenstein. Through a series of tests that compared plants grown with and without Mammoth P. The plants with Mammoth P showed an increase in overall yield, stem strength and flowering time. Plants treated with Mammoth P didn’t show an increase in root characteristics outside of the clone stage or overall stem biomass.

Mammoth P is an OMRI certified product. The Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) aims to support the integrity of the organic classification in the United States. OMRI is an independent organization that tests organic-based agricultural products like fertilizers, pest-controls, plant nutrients, and livestock products. OMRI focuses on certifying inputs that help produce other organic products like food and fiber products.

Mammoth Microbes are also Clean Green Certified. Clean Green Certifications are one the closest classifications to organic cannabis products can get. Many of Washington’s top cannabis producers like Gold Leaf Gardens and Puffin Farms are Clean Green Certified. Clean Green is similar to OMRI, making sure every stage of the cannabis plants journey and every input it receives meets stringent Clean Green Certification standards. High Times has also recommended Mammoth Microbes as one of their hottest products of Summer 2018.

Mammoth Microbes aren’t only for cannabis plants. Their proprietary bacterial formula is designed to help all kinds of plants grow in all kinds of settings. Lawn care blog recommends Mammoth P to keep your lawn’s soil biology right. Don’t overlook soil microbes as a crucial key for flora life, whether it be green grass or green bud.