Mandy Groves returns with, “That Bad.” This is the first single from her upcoming project, BLAME. A true triple threat, Mandy is well-known in Colorado as a dancer, singer, and commercial actress.

“That Bad” was written entirely as a freestyle that she originally recorded in the car on an iPad while she drove home from a meeting. “When I played it back, I was like, ‘I’m giving my own self advice!’ It was such a direct line to my subconscious and served as a warning sign for me to work on my relationships with the ones I love rather than shut down during such a straining time in my life.”

Stream Mandy Groves “That Bad”

Surprisingly, BLAME  was written, produced, and recorded over the course of a very short month. Quick inspiration prompted another project. “Once I made the call to start creating this EP, it was immediately crunch time from the get-go. We only had a month to create this all from scratch.”

“This EP was an experience and an experiment,” she said. “I worked with all new people in a whirlwind of a situation and I’m in awe of what we accomplished in such a short time.” Look out for BLAME on May 1st!