Yo, everybody! I’m back with another West Coast Weed Tour review in Downtown LA at the City Compassionate Caregivers dispensary. For today, I have the Marathon OG pre-rolled joint. This pre-rolled joint is a collab between the Cure Company and the late great Nipsey Hussle.

I expect a lot of good things for few reasons:–the strains’ namesake tribute to Nipsey, Nipsey’s personal touch on this strain variety, and finally, the reputation of having been grown with the highest standards in mind by the Cure Company.

Respect My Region is very familiar with both City Compassionate Caregivers and Nipsey Hussle. Our support for them should make for an exciting score at the end of this review. So a lot of expectations riding on the pre-rolled joint, but let’s have fun with it!

The Marathon OG pre-rolled joint, tested by Belcosta Labs, contains 24.51% THC, 0.04% CBD, 24.22% THCA, and 3.26 Delta 9 THC in total. The bud tastes nice and fresh, considering it was cultivated and package on August 10th and September 1st, respectively.

The bold “Marathon OG” text on the logo makes this recyclable glass tube stylishly easy on the eyes. I pop the jay into my hands, and the Futurola paper displays itself proudly. I hold up the jay and feel chunky bud bits throughout it’s tightly rolled exterior. Not a great sign before lighting, but let’s continue forward.

One hit. Talk about it. 2nd hit. And then the final score. Y’all know the rules.

The light was a bit wonky, but the first hit was still a prominent flavor of sweet lemon and earthy pine—Marathon OG’s known for these classic OG terp profiles, which makes sense why Nipsey loved them.

As I take the second hit, the ash burns a nice bright white ash, which I like. I understand not all pre-rolled joints are perfect, so I can’t say I am disappointed with it. I would say a solid nine overall, but the final score will be at the bottom!

The Marathon OG Pre-Rolled Joint Review Feat. City Compassionate Caregivers - Downtown LA

With this being one of my West Coast Weed Tour 2020 reviews, I highly recommend that all of you watch my official The Marathon OG pre-rolled joint review video below so that each of you can get a more in-depth perspective of my entire experience.

In these review videos, I talk about the appearance, flavor, price, smell, burn, after-taste, and give the product an official score out of 100 points. For this video, I gave a score out of 10 since it was part of my Joint Effort pre-roll review series, and then used that number to scale it out for the West Coast Weed Tour competition rating system.

Check out my video review below!

If you don’t want to watch and hear my thoughts on the products, scroll down and skip ahead to read the scorecard at the bottom of this post. Each of the products we review on the WCWT is also featured on our website as well as the Respect My Region Instagram and Youtube.

The Marathon OG pre-rolled joint is a tribute to one of the realist rappers of all time and the legacy he leaves. The spicy earthiness and unforgettable sweet lemon taste in this indica strain are unbelievable. In my opinion, I want to see more information about genetics or terps for this strain since Nipsey chose them. But I think Cure Company did a fantastic job, and Nipsey would be proud.

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The Marathon OG Pre-Rolled Joint Review Feat. City Compassionate Caregivers - Downtown LA
94%Overall Score
Experience 90%
More information available 90%
Would You Recommend 100%
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