The Marshall Law Band debut EP Nostos: A Hero’s Journey has finally arrived. This new project saw a completely different kind of release show, what the MLB is calling, the first hip-opera. A theatrical rendition of their debut EP was performed at Carco Theater on November 16th and 17th. This groundbreaking release even caught the attention of King 5 news who asked Marshall to come on air to discuss the unique show.

Marshall Hugh Talks Hip-Opera On King 5

A Hero’s Journey at Carco Theatre

Taking place in the dystopian future, the story begins with Marshall as a political prisoner. Nobi, of hip-hop duo Lone Wolf and Kub, plays Edmond Dantes who is locked in the cell with him. After Dantes flexes his knowledge through rap, Marshall follows his example and rhymes his way out of prison using the golden microphone.

After escaping, he then embarks on a journey to reunite with his long lost love played by real-life pop singer, Scarlet Parke. We hear her sing the blues while being held captive by Mr. Right of the mighty council who Marshall has to overthrow. Throughout his journey, he meets people who help and mentor him along the way. Eventually, they all band together to help Marshall destroy the council and save his lady.

Friday night’s show had a crowd just as diverse as the cast with generations of family and friends in attendance. In support of exposing disadvantaged youth to the arts, free tickets were being offered to organizations that help at-risk youth and children in foster care. In addition, three of the four ticket options provided a Guardian Angel ticket for the youth. Allowing ample opportunity for anybody to attend.

Chuck Roxin, the managing partner of Patron Saint Arts Management, was a huge element in the creation of the Hip-Opera. After Friday night’s show, Chuck shared with Marshall the interaction he had with a young man at the show. He was a thirteen-year-old who attended using a Guardian Angel ticket and had never experienced live music before. The experience was so overwhelming for him that he left in tears.

The energy in that theatre was truly incredible. Marshall began the hip-opera by letting everybody know they were now a family, literally asking the audience to shake hands and meet the people sitting around them. Then, he proceeded to spread positive messages of love, self-improvement, and perseverance. The atmosphere felt so warm and welcoming that the crowd was able to participate, laugh, and sing along with ease.

Marshall Law Band Debut EP

Nostos: A Hero’s Journey

Marshall Hugh always sits on the innovative side of the fence. Backed by the insane talent of his band, he successfully wrote and performed in Seattle’s first hip-opera. Their spoken word funk-infused approach to hip-hop shines through these four tracks. We had already gotten a taste for the EP through the first single, “Head Nod,” and the most recent, “Runnin.” But only when you eat the full four-course meal does your appetite really get fed.

“Hello and welcome. Thank you for tuning in. We are Marshall Law Band and the music you hear comes from our souls.”

Every song has a sound of its own while simultaneously screaming MLB. The band is tight. I mean like pickle jar tight. Like, improvise off the cuff but make it seem choreographed kind of tight. Each individual band member brings their own talents and energy that never overshadows the next. These guys truly are all about embracing and uplifting others.

They recorded the EP with Seth McDonald at Robert Lang Studios. Given an environment as beautiful and legendary as that, it’s hard to imagine that these guys would have recorded anything less than an impeccably performed album.