Marshall Law Band is a new name around Seattle that’s been gigging so hard you’ve probably seen their name on a bill. In just a year they’ve gained substantial recognition for their upbeat, community-driven style of operation, as well as captivating stage presence and sound. Watching Marshall Law Band perform is like seeing a bunch of kids at Disneyland for the first time. Imagine a funky, yet rocking band (featuring a crazy sax player) with a passionate underdog at the front dropping bars while grinning from ear-to-ear. I’d go as far to say these guys have invented the genre of “theatrical hip-hop.”

I had a moment to chat with Marshall Hugh about the efforts of MLB, with band members “Mercy Lewis,” “Big Pink,” and “Metal Marty” weighing in. The band’s goal for 2018 was to gig as much as possible while also putting out their debut EP. After playing around 30 shows officially, and 45+ unofficially, as well as packing out Carco theater for their album debut, you could call the year a success. Read more about their debut EP Nostos: A Hero’s Journey and the first “hip-opera” Seattle’s ever seen HERE.

Catch Marshall Law Band at The Crocodile January 10th for the third night of RMR’s 2nd annual Seattle World Tour!

Marshall Law Band Is Taking Seattle By Storm With Their Funky Hip HopWhich Venue Featured Holds The Most Significance To You All?

Marshall regaled me with a story about how much time the band has spent in Fremont. He made strong mention of Nectar Lounge’s Mojam Mondays and their regular attendance of it. Two to three times a month the band makes sure to hit this jam session, after knocking back a few drinks and dapping up their harmonica player who works at Add-A-Ball.

Did I mention that harmonica player is Chris King, front man of another band on the Seattle World Tour, Chris King & The Gutterballs? In the same breath Marshall brought up their sheer excitement to play at The Crocodile for the first time. Additionally, he remarked on how highly they regard each notorious venue in the city seeing as they’re all locals.

Is Seattle Integral To This Project?

Everyone in the band is a PNW local, so naturally their roots run pretty deep in the 206. Marshall said he makes trips down to California semi-frequently and always comes back jokingly saying “Imma Cali boy now,” but then said how firmly the band is dedicated to the “Seattle grey.” The not-so-perfect seasonal weather in Washington is a huge factor in driving the band’s creativity. Marshall said the rainy days foster their creativity too much to leave at this point.

Marshall Law Band Is Taking Seattle By Storm With Their Funky Hip HopHow Do You Write Songs?

These guys love to play. Marshall said that even if they didn’t have a gig they’d still be linking up to jam twice a week. “Mercy Lewis” chimed in here about their creative process and said everyone comes to practice with different ideas or partially-made songs. Taking the time to have fun jamming on random material is integral to their operation. Lewis said amidst a fun jam session songs tend to naturally form and take shape into cohesive tracks. At the core of all MLB operations there seems to be the existence of friendship, fun, and the sheer love of playing music.

What Are MLB’s Plans For 2019?

While highlighting they’re currently still in the planning process for 2019, the band made mention of various moves. In the coming year the band plans to make the push to performing outside the city, and state while pumping out steady content. Members made note of a potential monthly single release, while stating their biggest focus of 2019 is to really develop their online portfolio. The band said they’re working to form the most strategic plan for releasing the most music they can in 2019 while making the biggest impact.