Another day, another mystery surrounding Marshmello and his mask. The hit competitive TV series American Ninja Warrior published a video on Monday showing the EDM artist whipping through one of this year’s obstacle courses in front of cheering fans. However, when Marshmello shared the video to his Twitter, his followers were skeptical.

The video is, of course, riddled with corny marshmello-related puns (“He may look squishy, but he’s legit!”) The contestant wears a full Marshmello getup and manages to complete the entire Ninja Warrior course. We’ll let you watch the video for yourself:

Marshmello vs. American Ninja Warrior


So, is the contestant actually Marshmello? They “dance” for the crowd and flash hand signals similar to what Marshmello would do at a set. However, there are a few things that tip us off to this not actually being the artist Marshmello.

First of all, Marshmello’s fans know him to be an avid gamer, spending his free time playing Fortnite matches with famous gaming personalities and friend Ninja. He is not known to be particularly athletic, so the stunt immediately had fans doubting his time spent working on his gymnastics skills.

Secondly, a vigilant follower on Twitter spotted an unusual haircut on the participant competing in the race:



The screencaps appear to show that the person wearing the mask is sporting a shaved lower half of his head, with a bun. Marshmello’s original persona, Dotcom, wasn’t known to have this sort of haircut. He also has much darker hair than the person under the mask, who appears to have light brown locks.

The third clue is in the physique of the competitor. To put it bluntly, the athlete in the video has a great butt. Marshmello, however, is somewhat lacking in this area.

Left is a screencap from the Ninja Warrior video, and right is a screencap from one of Marshmello’s latest sets at Ultra Miami 2018.

Ninjia Warrior Marshmello

Ninja Warrior Marshmello versus Ultra 2018 Marshmello

In conclusion, we can say with certainty that the competitor in the American Ninja Warrior course was most certainly not Marshmello.

Did anyone actually think that the EDM artist was competing on the course? Probably not – however, the Mellogang can now rest assured that their favorite DJ isn’t pivoting to a career as a gymnast any time soon.

Marshmello plays Fornite concert!



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