Masego has dropped a new single titled “King’s Rant.” Based in Jamaica, he’s been grinding and doing his thing in the game for a bit now. From previous releases, his notable singles include “Navajo” and “Tadow.” With that said, he’s built an extensive and accomplished catalog up to this point. His latest single doesn’t disappoint, as he pushes his creativity and overall style to the forefront of the track.

Masego is focused on his authentic style on “King’s Rant.” With lyrics such as “J. Cole, Will Smith in my cell phone” and “You know I got the Drake effect, you know that it’s my time now;” he’s holding nothing back. His melodic flows mixed with his fast-paced delivery makes the song instantly catchy. This also blends well with the experimental production underneath, which features light synths and varying effects around it.

Compared to the sound that many hip-hop artists are gravitating towards, Masego is clearly doing his own thing. His authenticity, style, and overall confidence is showcased on the track. Because of these things, it makes his latest release highly unique. He’s clearly turning this up a notch and “King’s Rant” proves to be a very fun listen.

Masego – “King’s Rant”

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