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6 Massachusetts Rappers that are Elevating their State

While you don’t hear of many rappers coming out of Massachusetts, this state is nowhere short of hip-hop talent. Aside from popular rappers like Joyner Lucas and BIA (who are both must-listens), there haven’t been many huge names coming out of this area.

But while that may be the case, the underground hip-hop scene flows wide and stands strong. This scene goes deeper than most areas making it a must to dive into for any hip-hop fanatic. In this article I’ll be covering 6 emerging rappers making a name for themselves out of Massachusetts.

6 Massachusetts Rappers that are Elevating their State



Token’s 2015 hit and rap competition submission “No Suckas MCs” put his name on the map. He quickly went from viral sensation to an acclaimed new artist, to now- Mark Wahlberg’s favorite rapper. Along with close to a million other fans. Token’s lyrically focused and speedy aggressive style compares to rap legends like Eminem and Tech N9ne.

After being diagnosed with a learning disability as a child, no one would’ve ever imagined his future as a rapper. But he proved his doctors and teachers wrong with impressive freestyles and countless hits. Token has proven to be a rap prodigy and true lyricist, and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Token – No Sucka MCs / Massachusetts Rappers



Though BIA is well past an emerging rapper, I had to include her on this list. BIA is a Boston-area native and easily the biggest female rapper to ever come out of Massachusetts. Her tough attitude, smooth flow, and confident rhymes create an infectious sound. Once you hear BIA’s track “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” (or really any other song) you’ll be immediately hooked.

In 2014 she was signed to Pharell’s label under RCA Records. She went on to make huge moves like collaborations with T.I and Jennifer Hudson. As well as being featured on the reality show Sisterhood of Hip-Hop. Just a couple years ago she decided to part ways, do some independent work, and then eventually sign with Epic Records. Along with Epic her image and sound has been perfected, lining her up to blow up.

BIA – WHOLE LOTTA MONEY / Massachusetts & Boston Rappers

Michael Christmas


Michael Christmas has been in the underground Boston hip-hop scene dating back to 2014. From touring with Mac Miller and Logic to countless features in publications like XXL and Fader, Christmas has proven a favorite to many.

His music is full of introspection and genuine contradictions about his own personality, tied together with a charismatic delivery. This forms an authentic delivery and image. This style has connected with fans across the nation, and has vetted himself as “everyone’s favorite every-dude rapper.”

Michael Christmas – Not The Only One / Massachusetts & Boston Rappers

Big Shug


Big Shug is one of the oldest rappers on this list, and even altogether. At 59 years old Gang Starr Collective member is still releasing heat. His unrelenting flow and menacing rhymes verify his veteran rap status. Big Shug is well-respected in his hometown, being a long time influential leader in Boston’s underground hip-hop scene.

This success has even brought him features in films like The Heat and Clear History. Big Shug proves that age isn’t relevant in hip-hop and is not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Big Shug – I Bleed For This / Massachusetts & Boston Rappers



One word to describe Reks is consistent. This Lawrence, Massachusetts based rapper has been consistently crafting lyrically dense cult favorites since 2001. While he never quite went national, Massachusetts natives go hard for this local rapper. Proof being in his wins at the Boston Music Awards as Artist of the Year and Hip-Hop Album of the year.

Reks is a true lyricist that never fails to deliver. With a discography and talent that runs so deep, Reks can only keep going up from here.

Reks – 25th Hour / Massachusetts & Boston Rappers

Gio Dee


Gio Dee’s original claim to fame was when his track 2015 track “Mind Yo Business” went viral on Vine. From there he went on to release an EP crafted around this song featuring big names like Metro Boomin and MadeinTYO. The success of this project led him to opening for Lil Uzi Vert, G Eazy, and more.

Since this early success, Gio Dee has continued to craft lyrically meaningful tracks that have kept early fans engaged. It’s just a matter of time before Gio Dee has his next viral moment

Gio Dee – Mind Yo Business / Massachusetts & Boston Rappers

Massachusetts, and especially the Boston area, is full of hip-hop talent. The underground hip-hop scene runs deep in this state with countless cult favorites. Though most are yet to go national, the support by locals maintain these rappers careers. This state holds hip-hop dear to them and rides hard for those rappers claiming Massachusetts as home.

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