Brooklyn’s Max Perry is a producer that’s had three Grammy nominations, and several multi-platinum records in his career. He’s recently been putting together a debut EP. This project will feature a number of bubbling or otherwise legendary artists. At the beginning of this month, he let loose the first single off of the project called “Turned Into Sumthin.” The song comes with an enormous feature from popular fellow Brooklynite Flipp Dinero.

Max Perry’s catalog is crazy to say the least. The fact that he’s kicking off the rollout for his EP with a feature from Flipp Dinero should say something. With a laundry list of A-list artists he’s done work with, you can only assume that Perry’s got incredible connections. You’re probably already familiar with several songs that he had his hands on.

His first Grammy Nomination came from his collaboration with Hawaii Reggae artist JBOOG for Best Reggae Album. Most notably, he did work as an engineer on the Black Panther soundtrack, as well as production credits on Post Malone’s RIAA Platinum record Stoney. He’s also collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Twista, YG, Berner, Young Thug, Dipset, Young Dolph, and more. 

Max Perry

After putting countless years into facilitating and fueling the platforms of other artists—it’s Max’s time to shine now. This debut EP is the jumping-off point for a slew of bangers to come. His leading single, “Turned Into Sumthin” with Flipp Dinero is a prime example of the sauce he’s about to unleash on the world.

“Turned Into Sumthin” is an explosive track that begs for you to crank the volume and roll the windows down. The track has lackadaisical wavy synths that immediately greet you. From the moment the track begins you can feel the imminent turn up that’s going to take hold. Flipp Dinero comes in off the jump getting us hyphy even before the beat drops. His lyrics detail building up your name from the dirt, wilding with the team, and getting ahead by any means necessary. 

The track has a prevailing and infectious melody that comes in different forms throughout. This is definitely a track I’d run up while flying down the highway in LA, sun on my face, and the dream of success feeling that much more attainable. Keep your eyes on Max Perry for the release of his debut EP that’s sure to feature a bevy of other noteworthy spitters and collaborators.

Max Perry Feat. Flipp Dinero – Turned Into Sumthin

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