Max Vangeli can’t seem to keep out of trouble – the DJ and producer has been suspended from Twitter once again, after a public fight with Steve Aoki. Vangeli has a past of publicly “calling out” other DJs on social media.

He was most recently suspended from Twitter over the summer when he got into a feud with Diplo, 3LAU and Zedd. Vangeli even dragged deadmau5 through the mud when he tried to intervene. Other DJs hopped on Twitter to respond to the dumpster fire, including commentary from Morgan Page and Laidback Luke.

Now, Vangeli is back again, this time taking aim at Steve Aoki.

He posted an inflammatory rant across his social media channels calling him a “great man” – but then proceeding to rip into him for unsubscribing from his record label’s newsletter.

You can read the rant for yourself on Max Vangeli’s still-alive twitter account:



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Steve your a great man and touched us all with your career. One day you will understand there is much more to life than fame and all that other shit we do. The target was not you, it was your team and how they handled things. But if you want to put music and what we do between us then I guess you really did miss the whole fukin point. One day you will be old and nobody will give a fuk about you, and one day I will be old and be proud of what I did. Respect is a bitch and we all have to work for ours and I just lost mine for you. Good luck taking over the world, hope more cash will brings you happiness. Oh and btw I used to be proud of being part of @ucsantabarbara Gauchos with you, but when the shit was said you did NOTHING eventho you could have simply reached out and asked whats going on. This whole twitter shit with Diplo had NOTHING to do with you personally and you FUKIN KNOW that. But this shit here? Makes you look like a fukin clown with no balls. Best Regards, Max Vangeli

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The rant makes Vangeli look, frankly, ridiculous. Riddled with misspellings and bizarre claims that the unsubscribe was due to Vangeli’s beef with Diplo. We can’t even be sure that Steve Aoki was the one who unsubscribed to the newsletter. It could have easily been someone from Aoki’s management team.

The easy takeaway from this? Stay far away from Max Vangeli while he sorts his shit out. It looks like he’s losing friends fast, and could use some mental health TLC a-la-deadmau5.

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