Maxo Kream released the deluxe version of his October 2021 release, WEIGHT OF THE WORLD. The deluxe album features new tracks: “JIGGA DAME,” “FOOTBALL HEADS” (ft. Benny the Butcher), “THE VISION” (ft. Anderson .Paak), “TACO SHELLS,” “REMOTE” (ft. Peso Peso and KCG Josh,) and “MIXING JUICES” (ft. Babyface Ray).

The additional tracklist for WEIGHT OF THE WORLD deluxe.


WEIGHT OF THE WORLD is Maxo’s third full-length studio album. The album addressed the death of Maxo’s younger brother, Money Madu, his growing fame and wealth as a rapper, and reflects on his past dealings with crime.

Album Commentary

The album begins with “CRIPISTAN.” On the track, Maxo reflects on his family, how people think of him, and his newfound riches. “11:59 AM” was one of my favorite tracks on the album. The sample of “Your Love is Worth Waiting For” by Jerry Ruffin and the raw production from Groove make for a super smooth track. On “THEY SAY,” Maxo speaks to his haters, voicing how people have criticized him for being behind his contemporaries, his street credentials, and speculating about his brother’s death. The song has a beat break midway, where Maxo responds to critics and justifies his spot as the dynamic artist he is.

“BIG PERSONA” is a favorite of mine because I love the braggadocios assurance of Tyler and Maxo on the track. “CECE” has a super catchy chorus and is a very enjoyable track. I didn’t really care for “STREETS ALONE.” “DON’T PLAY WITH SHAWTY” showcases Maxo flowing over the beat effortlessly with rhymes inspired by the film Hustle and Flow and the TV show “One on One.”

In “LOCAL JOKER,” Maxo reminisces about his past in the streets and about how the people he grew up with still remain in the same place and do the same shit. In the latter half of the album, the album veers off for me because some of it just blended into each other and didn’t stand out to me as a listener. From the last half of the album, the tracks that stand out are “THE VISION,” “GREENER KNOTS,” “JIGGA DAME,” “MAMA’S PURSE,” and “REMOTE.” The album could have been cut down to 18 tracks instead the 22 song tracklist.


Standout Tracks on WEIGHT OF THE WORLD Deluxe


Overall Rating: 4/5

Maxo stands out as a captivating storyteller on WEIGHT OF THE WORLD, taking listeners back to events that have made him into who is today. Maxo reflects on his family, his grief, his past, and his life now. I’m very excited to see him expand as a rapper with every project he puts out. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD is a very sonically pleasing album and has a couple of different types of vibes throughout the track-list. This album will definitely be in my rotation and on my most played year-end playlist.

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