Today is a leading holiday for the cannabis world and millions will be celebrating despite national lockdowns. Everyone will have to find their own way to make it work out during the Coronavirus pandemic, but there’s a cacophony of options. For those looking to evolve their weed potential this 4/20, Magical Butter’s MB2e is a standout product. 

Imagine being able to get high by sipping tea or by eating a piece of toast. If you’re in love with cannabis but iffy on smoking, being able to produce cannabis-infused cooking materials can save hundreds of dollars for those who rely on edibles to get high. For $175, the MB2e is capable of infusing oils, butter, lotions, tinctures, and more with cannabis.  

To use the MB2e you just add the decarboxylated herb and another ingredient such as melted ghee or oil, then close the device. Set temperature and time and wait. Strain the final product and voila. You have a high quality, clean, and consistent cannabis butter. 

During 4/20, Magical Butter is selling the MB2e for $30 off and with free shipping within the United States. Type in the code ‘420MB’ at check out to get this device for $145. It will transform your kitchen potential and can turn anything from your morning coffee to chips and salsa into an absolute delight.

What are the MB2e’s Yields? 

For the lowest suggested yield of Magical Butter, the recipe calls for seven grams of decarboxylated herb, two cups of clarified butter, and one tablespoon of lecithin, which is an emulsifier. After two hours at 160 degrees Fahrenheit, two cups of cannabis-infused butter is ready to strain and store.

Personally, after putting two teaspoons of the butter into a tea, I was high until the next day, so new users should start with low dosages. The end product tastes great, the MB2e cooks the cannabis until it reaches a mature flavor and it’s surprisingly potent. 

While the MB2e could easily power a producer or a bakery, it’s an excellent consumer-grade item as well. After getting the ingredients ready, Magical Butter created a one-step process for creating potent cannabis consumables. Anyone who prefers to eat their cannabis has to check out this machine, especially while it’s on sale. Express yourself with your edibles today. 

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