As of right now, 35 states have legalized the usage of medical marijuana in the United States. The usage of marijuana for medical purposes is becoming more popular and widely accepted in this country. In just two years, The United States medical marijuana market is predicted to triple.

Cannabis has been widely available in Washington State since its legalization in 2012. Because cannabis is so accessible, you may be wondering why you would even want a medical card. A medical recipient has many useful advantages that the average recreational user does not have.

Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

Contrary to common belief, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is exactly the same. All the weed sold in stores is the same weed that medical marijuana patients receive. Although the product access is exactly the same, medical marijuana recipients can obtain more cannabis for much less.

  • Washington State holds a high 37% sales tax on its recreational cannabis products. The possession of a medical card significantly lowers that sales tax at any dispensary that is medically endorsed. Most stores also offer an additional discount for medical marijuana recipients, as well.
  • The state permits the average recreational user to purchase 1 oz. of flower at once. With medical marijuana benefits, you are able to purchase 3 oz. at a time for personal use.
  • Medical patients are able to grow six plants on their property for personal use. Patients are permitted to possess 8 oz. of a cannabis product from those plants.

How You Can Get One

Firstly, there is an approved list of the medical conditions that qualify for a medical card. This includes traumatic brain injury, intractable pain, cachexia, PTSD, nausea, HIV or AIDS, spasticity disorders, Crohn’s disease, cancer, seizures, hepatitis C, glaucoma, or any terminal or debilitating condition.

If you have any of the qualifying conditions, you are already eligible for a medical card. CBD is particularly helpful when it comes to managing conditions that cause chronic pain, while THC is more helpful for psychoactive disabilities, such as PTSD or opioid addiction.

The next step would be to visit a provider that is able to give you a medical marijuana prescription. Unfortunately, most general practice doctors are unable to prescribe medical marijuana. Because of this, you’ll most likely have to visit a Naturopathic physician. These providers typically charge an out of pocket fee between $100-$200.

After getting your prescription, your provider will issue you a document. That document will allow you to get a medical card. You will then go to any medically endorsed dispensary to have your form reviewed. There, the medical staff will take a photo of you, print your card, and enter your information in the database.

Once you have your card, you are able to use your medical marijuana benefits. Washington has 157 medically endorsed dispensaries in the state and that number is constantly increasing. Having a medical card is extremely convenient and allows someone with health conditions to have a more enhanced access to cannabis.

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