Mic Capes is the brightest light in a shining Portland hip-hop scene. After dropping one of the best albums in Northwest this year, he follows up with a music video to his standout track, ‘Chains.’

That last sentence was difficult to write. Mic had previously asked me what my favorite records from Concrete Dreams were. My answer was 4 tracks. Followed by another, and then another. The entire album is as much of a classic musically as the business behind the release.

Mic Capes – Chains Music Video

If you know me, it’s no secret that I love business just about as much as I love music. In an overcrowded world of music releases, instant gratification, and short attention spans, Mic Capes truly released his project as a work of art. Slowly brewing singles, B-Sides, music videos, behind the scenes looks and content that increased the excitement for a body of work that did not disappoint.

‘Chains’ is an aerial view of the world ala Capes’ lyrical wordplay. He gives a great look inside the chains that still hold back minorities and impoverished of our country. While sentiments of the beat and lyrics remain very dark, there is an unwavering glimmer of hope in every verse and chorus.

Mic Capes Concrete Dreams

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