Michaelson is a young vocalist and emcee out of Seattle that we’ve been keeping our eye on since the debut of his first single, 100 Grand featuring Laza and Ellis Prescott. He has a raspy tone to his often melodic delivery that caught our ear on Instagram initially. Recently, Michaelson has been using various IG tactics lately to hint at the release of a new song. All of his recent posts feature clocks with their hands pointing to 11:35. He’s yet to divulge the significance of this time to us, but yesterday he gave us a loose date: 07/TBA/2020. 

From this, we can gather that we’ll be getting the new single by the end of this month. The only question that remains beyond that is what it has to do with 11:35. Prior to his mysterious posts filled with clocks, Michaelson said he felt like his next song should have no features. He said, “I’m thinking just me for the next track, no features. Maybe a really dope producer though.”

 Michaelson First Hints At New Single

Another recurring theme in Michaelson’s string of IG posts is the theme of counting down to the point that the song seems clock-themed. He could be playing with words to reference the countdown to his takeover, the cash he intends to stack, or the number of hits he plans to make. Or a combination of all three. All we know at present is that he’ll be making another big announcement tomorrow, Thursday, July 23rd. 

As an alum of Macklemore’s The Residency program, we know that Michaelson is stepping up to the plate with a plan and precision. With the gradual rollout of his first several releases, we’re sure to keep seeing this level of pageantry being put into crafting a vivid narrative. Sit tight for now and run up Michaelson’s debut single, “100 Grand,” featuring Laza and Ellis Prescott while the countdown continues.