The nation’s cannabis giants like California, Colorado, Washington, and Nevada have set the standard for what quality cannabis looks like. While other newly legalized states like Michigan, Florida, and Arizona have recently voted for recreational use and are still coming out of the black market. With business and culture, the U.S. has set the stage for what’s to come by becoming famous for its quality products. So then, why is the US still mostly smoking straight mids?

The answer lies within the laws and the money. Quality products can’t be made and legally sent out to the states with stricter laws. So naturally, the money will follow its customer base. While California is thriving in seas of frosty nugs, other states with stricter laws are having people resort to the black market. Resulting in demand, but no supply.

Black-Market Dealers

The black market is not only illegal but also incredibly dangerous and full of mids. With no testing or regulations on products, customers are buying counterfeit, low-quality bud, and oil with dangerous additives. A major health investigation began last year surrounding vapes. This came after a wave of people were hospitalized due to lung and health issues from vaping.

The FDA reported that the majority of the ill were smoking counterfeit black-market oil pens.  In 2019, thousands of black-market cartridges were confiscated and reported to have contained lead and vitamin-E oil. The addition of vitamin-E oil is to mimic thick high-quality concentrate. These counterfeit cartridges were also said to have significantly lower percentages of THC then what was on the label.

Kushy Punch Has License Revoked After Being Found With $21 Million In Illegal Products

Virtual Black-Market

With parts of the country still battling for legalization laws, many consumers are buying their cannabis via the internet, and Instagram is a major culprit.  Chinese factories are blatantly selling empty carts to illegitimate cannabis companies online for cheap.

The results of this inexpensive overseas packaging have been found to have trace amounts of lead. Lead is used as a cheap solution for metal molding. When these unregulated products are used, as the oil is being vaporized, small amounts of lead may get into the tank.

State-To-State Legislation Is Causing The Majority Of The US To Smoke Mids

Testing Product

Cannabis still being illegal on a federal level allows a lack of regulation and testing products. This gives the majority of America access to low-grade bud and tampered oil.  The black market is affecting states like Utah the most. According to the state health department, 90% of products containing THC found in Utah contained additives and Vitamin E oil.

In 2019 California and Michigan created a new standard when they wiped stock of oils from dispensaries and made new quality control testing. Massachusetts dispensaries were shut down in 2018 after finding pesticides in several products. All of the regulations and testing for quality cannabis requires money and laws. Without that essential combination, there’s no top shelf to smoke.

Money In The Big States

Quality growers and companies will follow where the money goes. This is why the legalized states like Oregon, Washington, and California are infamous for their excellent cannabis products. With laws and money on their side, a quality product can be created openly. A product you can test with superior standards to prevent these hazardous additives and health risks.  However, this leaves the rest of the country in a weed barren desert with significantly fewer options. With little access to lab-tested cannabis, the only resort is wildly expensive products or mids.

State-To-State Legislation Is Causing The Majority Of The U.S. To Smoke Mids

Is There A Solution?

2020 is a major year for Cannabis legalization nationwide as states continue to make progress transitioning from medical to recreational. Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, and South Dakota will be the 6 states voting for recreational use of marijuana this November.

Active involvement in your state’s cannabis laws and voting will help make a major change. Nationwide legalization is the beginning of bringing money and quality kush to the places that need it the most and eradicating mids. By accomplishing this, the national standard for marijuana will be as high as you are smoking it.