Migos is back with another new single titled “Racks 2 Skinny.” Last Friday, the hip-hop group released “Taco Tuesday” and followed up with the music video for the song a few days ago. They’ve made it clear that the grind doesn’t stop, and they’ve already moved on to the next song. In the last music video, they made it a point to show they are hanging out and just enjoying things right now. At the same time, Migos is fooling nobody as they’ve been cooking up some serious heat in the studio.

“Taco Tuesday”

There is no denying over the years that Migos has turned into hip-hop’s biggest names. With their new single “Racks 2 Skinny,” they release another anthem that fans will definitely vibe with. From start to finish, all three artists offer strong vocal performances throughout. Rapping over a mid-tempo trap beat, the overall lyrical integrity and delivery shines the most on the track.

When concerts, festivals, clubs, and events open back up, this is definitely a song all fans will be turning up with big time. According to Offset’s comments to GQ, the hip-hop group is currently working on their next album remotely. While there isn’t a confirmed drop date, it’s most likely not too far off given all the recent music they’ve released.

Migos – “Racks 2 Skinny”

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