Migos has dropped a music video for their brand new single titled “Taco Tuesday.” Immediately after releasing the single, it was obvious that the song had to have a video. They have followed through and given fans what they have wanted with this short and entertaining flick. The hip-hop group has grown to be one of the biggest names in music. This can be seen by dropping some of the most notable singles and projects in the last few years. They continue their grind by dropping something all music fans will love and have fun with. After all, who doesn’t want a taco, right?

Their latest single is destined to be a hit. Even though the song is around 90 seconds long, it has immense replay value. In the music video, they can be seen making tacos in their kitchen. To put it simply, they are just hanging out and having a good time. Through the years they’ve been creating music, Migos has always had a special talent for creating culturally relevant hits. With “Taco Tuesday,” they are just living life and not taking things too seriously.

While fans might point to other songs that might catch their new more, Migos has delivered a fun song for everyone to enjoy. In the near future, this new release could indicate towards new music dropping soon. Regardless, Migos is blessing their fans and making everything feel good.

Migos – “Taco Tuesday”

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