It’s here! The MistaDC debut album, Sorry We Lost You, is finally here! The first single off of this album, “Sunrays,” was released a year and a half ago. Since then he’s performed at some amazing shows alongside a lot of the other young upcoming artists like Parisalexa and  Travis Thompson. As well as performing at festivals like Upstream and Soundwave Music Festival. Now we finally have a project from him!

When something is just so incredibly right and meant to be, you can feel it. I can feel myself being in my mid-40’s and celebrating the 20 year anniversary of this album It’s the kind of album where I can’t wait to know the lyrics so I can sing along. I also feel major Prince vibes throughout the whole project. Not just in an influential way but in an impact as an artist kind of way.

MistaDC Debut Album Sorry We Lost You

A Tea Time Interview With MistaDC

RMR: Having worked on this project for a long time how does it feel to finally release it to the world?

MistaDC: This is a huge milestone for me. This is something that I had to put into my brain; that there are not a lot of people out there that get to this step, actually have an album being released. To get to this point is a milestone for me because this is technically my first project. I did a collaboration EP, the “MisterSamurai” EP, but this is my first project under my own name.

Before that, it was like little freestyle raps that I would do on Soundcloud and like mixtapes. Obviously, nobody has seen that because it’s definitely hidden, but I definitely rebranded myself coming out to Seattle.  I even rebranded myself after “MisterSamurai” came out. This is definitely the rebranded MistaDC that is deemed ready to be out to the public. I’m excited to share this with everybody.

MistaDC Debut Album Sorry We Lost You | Artist Interview

Flick by Raphael Gaultier

RMR: So what producers did you work with on Sorry We Lost You?

MistaDC: On this album, we really only worked with two major producers then we had a couple other people like co-produce. So Soultanz and Kyo-Ken have been like the main producers for this album. Then we have co-production from like LunaG0D, which we had worked on a little bit already before and after he had moved down to L.A. We kind of reconnected for the song.

RMR: Did you take a thematic approach to this album or is it just a group of songs that you poured your heart and soul into?

MistaDC: It’s definitely a mixture of both. The way that I wanted to go about it was to tell a story. The album title was actually going to be something different before I decided to call it “Sorry We Lost You.” But I felt like it didn’t fit the way I wanted it to, but it was going to be called “Vicky: The Story of a Highschool Sweetheart.”

MistaDC Debut Album Sorry We Lost You | Artist Interview

Flick by: Raphael Gaultier

Technically from front to back, it’s kind of talking about the loss of this girl that I have fallen madly in love with. She has to leave out of the country or something like that and the love is still there, the connection is still there. I want her back. I love her, but obviously as young lovers when you are separated from somebody for too long the attraction can start to fade.

It was starting to fade on the person that I was in love with, on her side. She started to find new love while I was still madly in love with her. I was trying to go and get her and reach out to her and do everything I can to keep that love growing. But in the end, I end up kind of letting go and finding a new love.

But each song has its own meaning at the same time; each song has its own meaning but they come together to tell that narrative. I want each song to have its own meaning for the listener too. How I wrote the songs is, I never specifically tried to pinpoint who it is in the story that I’m talking about. I want to tell a story that relates to the person listening but in a way that they receive the story in a different way, interpret it in a different way.

Slap That Track!

“Flaws” ft. Shayhan

“New Soul” ft. Nyles Davis

“Don’t Call” ft. Parisalexa