Empowering The Cannabis Industry: Highlights from The MJUnpacked Atlantic City Tradeshow

MJUnpacked Atlantic City Provides Enormous Value To Local Brands and Retailers Looking For Opportunities and Resources

MJUnpacked Atlantic City recently took place on the New Jersey coast. The dynamic tradeshow featured a showroom floor that included exhibitors and brand showcases paired with valuable panels and speakers. The Hard Rock Hotel in Atlantic City was the official venue for the event and was a solid location for bringing together the curated selection of organizations and leaders from across the United States and Canada cannabis industries!

This year, the MJUnpacked Atlantic City team outdid themselves by providing a major platform for education, networking, and deal-making on the East Coast.

Luna Stower at Ispire along with Rachelle Gordon at Greenstate were two of my favorite speakers at MJUnpacked Atlantic City. Together they shared perspectives on how to handle crisis in the industry, which when you think about it, happens pretty often and in a variety of different ways. From public relations to cultivation techniques to retail strategies and regulatory hurdles, the event featured a wide range of leaders offering major tips, most of which could be crucial to success in the industry.

With the cannabis scene on the East Coast becoming more and more popular, as well as accessible, there was a noticeable increase in attendance for people from New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Maine. When the event was previously hosted in New York City, the attendees obviously leaned heavier towards the New York crowd.

For MJUnpacked Atlantic City, I specifically met people who came from states such as New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Washington State, California, Oregon, Missouri, Illinois, Washington State, and Maryland. The presence of businesses from these areas demonstrates this particular tradeshow’s role in facilitating industry growth and development as well as innovation and progress being made all across the country.

One of the best parts about MJUnpacked’s entire event was this year’s official afterparty. The event was held at a casino’s waterpark featuring activations, beverages, and an Alice-In-Wonderland themed entertainer who was inside an air-tight plastic bubble on top of the water. Outside of the indoor park space was a smoke-friendly area that also featured a few brand activations and a ton of people networking, dabbing, drinking cannabis, and eating edibles.

Official MJUnpacked Atlantic City Afterparty Presented By Farechild

Empowering The Cannabis Industry: Highlights from The MJUnpacked Atlantic City Tradeshow

MJUnpacked’s latest event was great for meeting licensed operators in numerous states. There is always a bunch of retailer owners, licensed cultivators, extractors, and people looking to invest. With a bunch of different people from the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast almost always involved, this event continues to be one of the most valuable events, and one of Respect My Region’s favorite tradeshows in the cannabis industry.

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