The MK Ultra strain has a pretty intimidating name and a storied past of powerful cerebral effects. With the name coming from the methods of mental manipulation from a notorious CIA project, it hints at the controlling high you might soon experience. By crossing a dank cut of OG Kush with G13, you end up with this devilish cultivar. Earthy diesel aromas will twist up into your nostrils with sweet notes of lemon leaking in as well.

Looking at some of the MK Ultra strain, and you might find yourself in a trance-like stare. The buds are satisfyingly dense, with a shiny layer of sticky trichomes coating it like fur. Muted orange pistils curl along its surface offering a pleasant contrast to the varying green hues. Cracking a nug open, you’ll get a blast of floral, lemony, and herbaceous terps that are overtaken by pure gas. 

MK Ultra’s dominant terpenes are not super surprising considering the intense cerebral euphoria this strain might create. The MK Ultra strain is predominantly presenting myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene for flavor and smell. This collection of terps translates eloquently into the aromatics of this strain from the moment you open the bag. 

MK Ultra Strain

Image via @BC.Bud.Supply

Myrcene is a classically calming terpene that has herby, floral, and sweet tones. Beta-caryophyllene has a peppery gas to it that might also lend helpful anti-inflammatory effects. Lastly, limonene is always a pleasant addition to the mix, offering lemony and zesty citrus notes and a strong potential for anxiety and stress-relieving qualities.

Smoking on some of the MK Ultra strain might get your head on mars in seconds. On the first inhale, you may pick up more of the earthy spice of the strain, with any of its sweet lemon notes appearing towards the end. You might find the sweeter flavors of this strain lingering on your tongue. Beginners may want to heed caution when smoking on this strain the first time. The intense cerebral stimulation and eye-widening euphoria it might create could be too much, so take it slow. No matter your experience, this strain might be the perfect knock-out medicine after a long day.

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