Seattle’s MoneyReece Laflare grew up with hardships surrounding him, so the onset of the quarantine has only put him into full grind mode. He recently linked up with Clemm Rishad to create an inspiring cut called “Grind Harder” to remind us what’s important. MoneyReece has been putting in crazy work, just recently dropping his visuals with Bishop Bear for “Jamaica” earlier this month. “Grind Harder” is a leading single off of his upcoming project Trapathon Don that’s sure to continue to showcase his diversity in beat selection and hefty relatable bars.

The visuals for “Grind Harder” put an especially melancholy lens on the current situation in the world with COVID-19. Black and white palettes and shots of the neighborhood emphasize the message Laflare and Clemm are giving us. Atuanya Priester took the vibes to another level with their directorial vision and engaging shots. The video illustrates growing up in a hard place with family and friends already in the grave and lacking the bare essentials at home. 

MoneyReece Laflare

Clemm Rishad comes in first on the hook to croon about how even when it seems like all hope is lost, all we can do is trust fate and put our grind on swole. MoneyReece Laflare steps into the first verse yelling fuck Donald Trump, and then proceeds to flex about how no virus can stop his activity. He says “I done been through too much to let a virus take me,” commenting on the weight of the times we’re currently in. Laflare acknowledges that the world is in a state of calculable turmoil right now, but we can’t let that stop us. 

MoneyReece Laflare fully details the struggles he’s facing as well as the struggle of the nation with each bar. He talks about hard-headed folks that are still not taking this shit as serious as it is. During times like this, artists like MoneyReece know that the best plan of attack is to apply pressure and grind to deliver people relatable and hard-hitting content. Tap in with “Grind Harder” below and see how MoneyReece and Clemm Rishad are keeping the city alive.

MoneyReece Laflare – “Grind Harder” Feat. Clemm Rishad

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