The Monster Cookies strain has been steadily gaining popularity. This is undoubtedly from its dominating terps and high that may bring you to a point of pure euphoric inebriation. Another slamming GSC cross, this strain usually comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Granddaddy Purple. This creates a rich mixture of earth, grape, and berry aromas. This 80/20 indica often shows gorgeous patches of purple and lends more to the classically uplifting then heavy sedative highs one associates with anything crossed with Grandaddy Purp. 

California’s The Cure Company, responsible for Nipsey Hussle’s famed Marathon OG strain, has put a different spin on this new heady classic. Their Monster Cookies strain is a special pheno they’ve made by crossing GSC with OG Kush. This takes away some of the grape and berry notes and replaces them with pure gasoline and earthy floral sweetness. Cali loves potent phenos of OG so it’s no surprise The Cure Company went with it for their Monster Cookies.

Looking at The Cure Company’s cut of the Monster Cookies, it still boasts the 80/20 indica cross, but with more of a rich green color. The OG Kush took over just enough to offer its thick trichome density, while still allowing the GSC to bring out some evenly distributed purple hues. The pistils are a sassy orange that really makes the nugs pop. Breaking a nug open, a rush of floral, hoppy, and earthy scents will fly up your nostrils like lightning.

Monster Cookies Strain by The Cure Company

Photo via @thecurecompany on IG

Judging from the dominant terpene profiles of its two parents, The Cure Company’s Monster Cookies strain still has a presence of floral berry flavor it could pick up from OG Kush. Considering its strong earthy spiciness, the dominant terps could be beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene.

Beta-caryophyllene would make sense as to why this strain is said to potentially offer great pain relief. The myrcene would explain the potential this hitter has for max relaxation and tantalizing euphoria. Limonene would only add to the myrcene effects and add more lemony sweetness to the smell, potentially giving stress-relieving effects.

Smoking on some of the Monster Cookies strain from The Cure Company, you may notice immediate effects from the OG side going straight to your head. Wrapping around your eyes, this strain may spread out a buzz from head-to-toe. This strain may be great for winding down your day, with its intense sedation that might take hold. Those with a lack of appetite, or deal with insomnia may find this strain to be a regal nightcap.

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