If you’re in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles seeking real California cannabis culture, consider MOTA (Medicine Of The Angels.) This family-owned and operated cannabis dispensary came into existence from the pursuits of two brothers. After first setting up their business in the Valley under the name of “Sherman Oaks Holistics Oasis,” or SOHO, the brothers eventually found their current location in Silverlake and gave it a fresh new name. Their new spot is in the former Circus of Books building on Sunset Blvd. 

Since moving, nothing is new in the sense of what they offer to the medical and recreational community. Their focus is still on elevating consciousness and promoting wellness through being able to offer cutting-edge genetics at an agreeable price. They largely achieve this through their extensive in-house brand under the same name. You’ll be able to find MOTA brand flower, pre-rolls, cartridges, edibles, and tinctures. Customers can also take home a clone or pre-veg teen if they want to try growing their own. MOTA is one of the few dispensaries in Los Angeles that has readily available clones for sale. 

MOTA dispensary is all about their helping their customers to the highest extent. They also have a bilingual staff on-hand to cater to any Spanish speaking customer’s needs. Medical patients can enjoy a daily 5% off their purchase, and veterans receive special discounts. They even have a jar and cartridge recycle station if you want to bring in your empties.

Entering their shop feels cozy and almost like you’re entering a secret club. Especially as you pass through their secret door from the lobby. The lighting is low and chill, and the service counter is sleek and almost looks like it came from a spaceship. If you’re unable to make it into the store, they do offer delivery, but the minimum purchase is $100. There are in-store pick up options as well for those looking to grab and go.


Top-Shelf Brands

Alongside MOTA’s diverse array of products they offer with their in-house brand, there are some of the most popular California cannabis brands lining their shelves. Returning customers have the opportunity to get a buy-one-get-one 50% off deal on their second visit. Some of the highly in-demand brands they carry include STIIIZY, Buddies Brand, Moxie, Papa & Barkley, Heavy Hitters, and Venice Cookie Co.

Product Recommendations

MOTA’s website is just a straight up live menu of what they have in stock. No fuss over navigating a complicated site, just straight to the good stuff. Looking at all of the options they have within each category, it’s pretty easy for me to find some winners I’d pick up, or have delivered! 

For cartridges, I know they’re usually carrying some of Buddies Brand’s Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin PAX Pods. I’m a big fan of the temperature control on the PAX Era. Buddies’ Triple Tangie Banana strain is usually in stock. The sweet, herby, citrus terps shine through on this strain that might give you a euphoric jolt of energy.

MOTA Dispensary Is One Of The Best Cannabis Retailers In The Silverlake Area That Carries A Diverse Array Of In-House Products Featuring Carts, Tinctures, Pre-Rolls, and More

The in-house flower selection at MOTA has a lot of classics and new hitters. There’s a Pacific Frost strain they make that looks like it’d be a solid choice for potentially uplifting yet stoney effects. They’re selling grams of it for $13, and the terpene profile seems like the kind of citrusy, earthy, spicy aromatics that I love. 

If I had to choose an option off of their edibles menu, it’d have to be the Seasalt Caramels coated in milk chocolate by Kiva Confections. These delectable sweet treats come with 100mg of THC total per can. Each chocolate covered ball is the equivalent of 5mg of THC.

And lastly, the topicals and CBD options are abundant on MOTA’s menu. And naturally, Papa & Barkley come up again with their Releaf 1:3 CBD:THC Soak. This is the most overall topical relief option they have for the Releaf line. I’d be interested to try them all: the salve, the lotion, and the bath salts. There’s roughly 50mg of THC and 17mg of CBD per container of the Releaf Soak.

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