Chase Fade is all over the place lately. From slaying legendary studio sessions with Seattle’s whose-who to directing video content and music videos for artists all over the city. Mr. Hentvii’s “Folgers” music video is one of his latest directorial outings.

Mr. Hentvii is also known as F-is-H, one-half of Kung Foo Grip. His step into the solo sphere has been a good one so far, as his first singles and Seattle Cypher appearances showcase the pure energy and hyphee style he’s bringing to the table.

The “Folgers” video is a foray into a grungey mental space akin to Requiem for a Dream. Anime porn in the background and dark warehouses invoke a creepy vibe made for any “after-hours” playlist.

The video itself is simple which allows Mr. Hentvii’s bars and catchy lines to assault your ears as the project’s main focus. However, the subtle wavy graphics and shaky-cam effects create an entertaining energetic atmosphere that adds to Mr. Hentvii’s cartoonish character.

Without a doubt, Mr. Hentvii is on some other shit that many other MC’s in the space can’t touch right now. Between the technical skills to the devilish anime vibes, he’s carving out a niche of his own.

Mr. Hentvii Serves Up Hip-Hop Like “Folgers”

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