Muhlatto is a rising rapper out of Seattle that’s seen notable success over the last few years from his relatable bars and blockbuster visuals. Recently, he went to work with TownEnt to bring us a moving music video for his honest cut, “Use Me.” The video takes the vibes back to the 60’s with big coats and a clean old school Rolls Royce. Muhlatto sauces behind the bar at a speakeasy and rides around the 206 spitting truths. 

The message he presents in the flick is that he’s genuine and kind until you perceive that as weakness, and then you may want to proceed with caution. This echoes much of Muhlatto’s struggles growing up in the foster care system, and dealing with drugs, gang violence, and near-death experiences.

Through these powerful life-altering experiences, he’s able to put immense energy into his lyricism. You can tell that Muhlatto has made the adversity in his life a tool to grow stronger. As a result, he is able to present his music confidently and unapologetically.


Muhlatto is no stranger to putting together captivating visuals for his cuts, going bigger and better every time. Back in 2017, he put out a video under the direction of Dyllyn Greenwood for “OffTops” featuring AntWyse that ran up nearly 25k views.

In just two weeks alone, his new classy flick for “Use Me” is already pushing close to 45k views. This is no doubt from a combination of his saucy track and his intelligent marketing savvy. Muhlatto knows how to play the game, and it’s evident that he’s quickly leveling up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his next release hitting truly impactful numbers.

Listening to “Use Me,” I get the feeling of late nights riding around the city up to no good. The track truly emulates a mob mentality as you see Muhlatto dressed to impress, waving the bottle of Henny and delivering hazy, yet hard-hitting bars. He speaks on being real, spotting imposters, and smoking big loud with his team. The track sways and bobs like you might on a classic Friday night out after a little too much juice. Muhlatto maintains bossed-up energy throughout. Tap in with “Use Me” below and smoke one with the windows down.

Muhlatto – “Use Me”

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