This is the most Vegas shit ever! The man the myth, the guy with a multi-million dollar mansion completely painted white from head to toe, or roof to floor. Either way this person decided he wanted to use this mansion as a canvas to cover with art. He gathered several artists together and had them take on the task in under a week.

This house is so ridiculously large that a week was no easy feat. They were working 15 hr days. Though they were certainly having their fair share of fun along the way, with Lambo’s and fuxking Ligers! Yes, I said Liger.

This house is so tall that they have to get a lift to raise them up to cover the entire sides of the house. And then when you think they might be getting done after a seemingly endless display of Vegas legends and shrines to everyone from Hugh Heff to Deadmau5, you then realize that the entire roof is another canvas alongside several Lamborghini’s.

This new found knowledge left of some artists feeling, ‘some type of way’ as they bailed on the week long mission, packing up days prior to the showcase. Watch the video to see if they manage to finish the brilliant task in time.

Also, don’t forget to roll a fat jay of some Aurum Sunset Sherbet to enjoy while you watch. Aurum always sets a good quality vibe. That’s what I was enjoying while watching these shenanigans.

Multi Million Dollar Graffiti Mansion

Video by: Nikko Hunt

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Photo: Zac Alsop

Thanks to Brass Knuckles for making this video possible for us all to view. Any wealthy people feeling generous? We’d love to do something creative at your crib.

Go grab some Aurum Farms Sherbet and contemplate some ideas for us, ‘High-deas’ are the best. Roll one for me and tweet your thoughts about mansion canvas art to Respect my region @ respkjvbw  #crazymansionart

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Graffiti Mansion Artists

Evan Barlow

Price Goodman


Anastasia Brenan

Lucas Mcwaters

Jonathan Oshoa