Murder Mountain is the newest cannabis series to hit Netflix. Each of the six episodes shares behind the scenes details from cannabis farms in Humboldt County. Although the Emerald Triangle is often glorified in other documentaries, this film puts a huge light on the darker side of the cannabis industry.

When “most” people think about cannabis in California, San Francisco, Oakland, and Humboldt are most often the talk of the trade. The bay area is home to Berner’s Cookie Fam and some of the best indoor-grown weed in the world. Many people also believe that Humboldt is known for the best outdoor cannabis and that the Emerald Triangle provides around 60% of the cannabis in the United States.

What isn’t really discussed is the fact that quite a few people actually go missing every year while working for illegal cannabis farms. What is even more concerning is that a large portion of these disappearances remains unsolved due to a lack of evidence.


For decades, people have traveled from all over the world to come live in the dense Redwood forests. Many people used to travel to the area to escape society and the talk of war. These days, thousands of cannabis gardens are located around the smaller cities found inside each of the three counties within the triangle. Trinity, Mendocino, and Humboldt all claim various small communities and house thousands of residents. This makes it relatively easy for someone to head to these cities and hang out until you find someone who is hiring for trimming or other types of helpers.

Since the area has an estimated 15,000 illegal cannabis grows and there is roughly 4,000 miles of forest to cover, local resources are spread thin. Alderpoint is located within Humboldt County and is located close to the epicenter of all three counties. In this area, there are actually no police and the community essentially polices themselves until law enforcement is required to get involved. Better known as Murder Mountain, Alderpoint has suffered greatly from the violence that stems from the black market industry.

Growing the cannabis with the protection of the dense redwood forest makes sense for people trying to distance themselves from the rest of the world. The valuable insight provided from this mini-series showcases cannabis through illegal and legal farms. Learn about the lives of a handful of unforgettable characters as some of them share the stories of outlaws transition out of the black market into legal cannabis.

Murder Mountain Follows Cannabis Growing In Humboldt County

Photo Credit: Netflix

It is important to mention that the acts of a few do not necessarily reflect the views of the majority. Humboldt County, Trinity County, and Mendocino County have helped give cannabis a home and a voice, bringing life to national legalization. Although violence and the black market will always exist because of human greed, there are people fighting for more effective legislation and additional resources designed to aid the growers and consumers alike.

Check out the show and let us know what you think.