Although EDC is most well known for the festival culture they’ve fostered over the years, their lineup is another highlight. Every year, EDM fans look forward to the rare and exclusive sets that they can catch during the weekend. Pasquale always seeks to ensure that fans of all genres can enjoy EDC to the fullest. This year, the lineup is literally stacked as fans prepare to return to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on May 20-22. Before you go, here are 10 incredible sets that you should see across the three days at EDC Las Vegas 2022.

Giuseppe Ottaviani 3.0. (Friday)

If you’re a trance fan, then you know just how insane Giuseppe Ottaviani’s live set production is. What sets him apart is that he is essentially producing live on the fly. You hear him layering his music together and playing live instrumentals in real-time. Therefore, no set will be exactly like another. On top of that, his stage production and light design are top-notch as well. His set is a complete visual and auditory experience like no other trance DJ. Even if you’re not a fan of trance, I recommend stopping by to see for yourself just how much effort was put into the set and production.


I’ve seen NGHTMRE a handful of times and he has never disappointed. He’s a DJ that can truly read the crowd and maintain the energy during his sets. Even if you’re not a bass fan, this B2B with Big Gigantic on the saxophone is nothing but good vibes. Come see how live instrumentals can completely elevate and enhance a DJ set. This unique B2B doesn’t happen regularly, so I definitely recommend checking it out!

Grimes (DJ Set) (Saturday)

After exiting a very public relationship, Grimes has returned to making music. Her style of music seems to have matured and gotten a little darker from her dream/synth-pop days. However, her energy is still contagious and through the roof. Despite steadily releasing singles, Grimes has been quiet on her plans for a headlining tour. If you’ve been a fan of hers or have been interested in catching her set, this will be a great chance to see her live.

Kaskade and Deadmau4 present KX5 (Saturday)

Neither Kaskade nor Deadmau5 need an introduction, as their reputation precedes them. The KX5 project is highly anticipated as their collaborations together have always been a masterpiece. You’re basically guaranteed to hear IDs from their upcoming project at the KX5 set. Together, they’re about to reshape EDM again. Don’t miss your chance to witness this moment and be a part of EDM history.

David Guetta and Morten Present: Future Rave (Saturday)

This is David Guetta and MORTEN’s debut Future Rave set. If it’s going to be anything like their Future Rave mixes and collaboration, then we’re in for a treat. They’ll definitely play some unreleased tracks during their set. It may seem like David Guetta has been awfully quiet since his peak in the 2010s, but he has been making waves with Future Rave. Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise when he drops another top charting track in the near future to shake things up again.

Getter B2B Space Laces (Saturday)

Getter B2B Space Laces seems to be a new B2B that freshly came together this year. Both of them are very popular within the bass genre. Through Space Lace’s big name collaborations, he has quickly become a well-recognized name within the genre. While Getter has been steadily putting out high-quality production tracks that solidifies his place within the industry. Their first set together was Forbidden Kingdom Orlando 2022 just earlier this year. If you’re a fan of either of them, you cannot miss this set at EDC Las Vegas. All headbangers are guaranteed to leave with a broken neck afterward.

Hulk Gang (4B + Valentino Khan) (Saturday)

Valentino Khan’s talent extends far beyond growing the greatest goatee; he is also skilled at creating music across genres. While 4B has garnered just as much industry support, his production has elevated his craft and made him an artist to watch. The last time Valentino Khan and 4B performed together was last year at Audiotistic. There are not a lot of videos online of this B2B, however, there is a full set of GTA B2B Valentino Khan B2B 4B to preview just high energy this set will be. Bring your dancing shoes to this high-BPM trap/bass house set!

BIJOU b2b Habstrakt (Sunday)

This B2B has never happened before, and there’s no guarantee of it ever happening again either. Even if you’re not the biggest house fan, these two are absolute legends within the genre. Both BIJOU and Habstrakt knows how to keep a party going, and their set will be perfect to vibe out to when you need a short break from the other genres. Just a friendly reminder that this may be your one and only chance to see this insane B2B at EDC Las Vegas, better take advantage of it.

Vintage Culture B2B James Hype (Sunday)

Vintage Culture has established a name for himself and garnered an impressively loyal following. The Brazilian DJ now has a massive worldwide following from humble beginnings. Although James Hype has had a shorter music career, he has garnered nothing but raving reviews as he expands his fanbase exponentially. Vintage Culture and James Hype’s recent collaboration “You Give Me A Feeling” is a certified house hit. This set at EDC Las Vegas is one you can’t miss as these two artists are slowly creating a legacy for themselves.

A-Trak B2B Craze (Sunday)

A-Trak is an early pioneer and legend within the EDM community, and Craze is a multi-award-winning and highly praised DJ. Both of these artists have deep roots in vinyl mixing, and the last time this B2B set happened was in 2015 at Holy Ship. It’s unclear what kind of set we’re getting at EDC, but I think a combination of hip hop and bass can be expected with maybe a sprinkle of DNB. Watch these legends spin old-school style and push the boundaries of mixing. This is your opportunity to watch two incredible OGs perform through an art form that is slowly dying.

No matter who you decide to see at EDC Las Vegas 2022, you are bound to have a great time. As EDM fans and EDC attendees, it’s essential that we recognize this incredible community and culture that Pasquale has built over the course of time. He is an early pioneer for live EDM events and has enabled us to connect with people in our community as well as people all around the nation.

Stay tuned for our official recap! Have fun and stay safe if you’ll be attending EDC.

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