On Friday, Denver-based artist Mxlcxlm Z released a lyric video of his “Z for Zodiac” freestyle.  The video features a single take with zero cuts of the rapper performing the song.

From an enigmatic point of view, Mxlcxlm Z provides an interesting perspective on world events, daily life, and social issues. Respectively, he veils deeper messages under heavy beats and disguises positive vibrations as trap bangers. Likewise, in this new joint, he goes more in depth into his knowledge of the 12 astrological houses.

Last Halloween, Z released his most recent project, “Reaping SZN”, under his label LocoMotive Entertainment. The SPECTRE BEATS-produced album detailed his reaping of blessings and boasted his accomplishments as a testimony of his personal .

“The biggest lightbulb moments come to me everytime I remind myself how much control I have in the creation process and how much power that allows me to really shape the mood or thought process of my listeners.”

Mxlcxlm Z

“It’s a tremendous amount of responsibility that we overlook sometimes,” Mxlcxlm Z continued. “But every now and then I will get an idea that seems completely novel and revolutionary and inventive. I’ll think, ‘Wow, there really are no rules to this creative process and the possibilities are endless.’ That’s what gets me excited about creating and pushes me to keep going.”

Mxlcxlm Z = Z For Zodiac