Washington is a place where you can smoke you cake and eat it too. Celebrate National Cake Day with one of the many aptly named cannabis strains that pay tribute to everyone’s favorite birthday treat.

Ice Cream Cake Strain

Ice cream cake is one of the best hybridized deserts on the planet. Sweet cake flavors paired with frozen textures are hard to beat at a summer barbecue. The Ice Cream Cake strain may not have sweet flavors as the name suggests, but that high will make National Cake Day feel like it’s your birthday.

Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake might be the most popular cannabis strain named after cake. Triangle Kush crossed with Animal Mints created a devilishly sticky strain with minty doughy flavors that are as bomb as any top-tier wedding cake.

Florida Cake Strain

A cross between Triangle Kush and Wedding Cake that keeps your body relaxed while your brain stays engaged in your daily tasks. The flowers are fluffy and decadent like a slice of angel food cake with a trichome frosting.

Divorce Cake Strain

The White strain was bred with the aforementioned Wedding Cake strain to create one of the best looking strains on the market. Divorce Cake will make any kind of break up a tad more bearable.

Smoke and Bake Cake On National Cake Day

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