Throughout most of my life, the month of March has never been very exciting. In the Pacific Northwest, there aren’t many large events going on and most of them happen between April and October. This year and hopefully every year going forward, all of that will change because RMR will be attending SXSW in Austin, Texas.

SXSW is short for South By South West which is one of the world’s most respected arts and film festivals. I’m going to break it down real quick and share three reasons why you should be attending and networking at this year’s event.3

#1 Networking With High-Level Guests

Each of the people who are signed up to speak for the CannaBusiness and Music tracks could be valuable additions to your network. Simply connecting with them on social media would legitimately open new doors for your professional career in either of the two industries. If you spend five minutes looking into the scheduled speakers for this year’s event, I can almost guarantee you’ll find something of value. A little research and you engaging with them on social media could really work wonders for your career.

#2 Insights From Proven Professionals

Do you have any idea how much time, money, and research goes into running a million or billion dollar company?

Have you cracked the code for helping struggling musicians create a sustainable career?

If so, congratulations. Most people have no clue about what it takes to become a successful professional. The people who speak or perform at SXSW are some of the most respected professionals in their fields. It goes without saying that every single thing they say and do could be the key to cracking the code that opens things up for your future success.

#3 Build Real Relationships

The people who attend this event are serious about what they do. The festival costs well over $1,000 to attend so anyone who is there is supremely dedicated.

Whether they’re there as a fan or they’re attending to network, try to have a conversation with every single person you lock eyes with. If you’re normally someone who talks a lot, try to shut up and hear them out. You never know what can happen when you go into a conversation looking to build a real relationship.

I will be at SXSW from March 12th through March 15 and am looking to connect with entrepreneurs. If you’re working with cannabis, CBD, hemp, digital marketing, influencers, music (hip-hop and EDM), or social media, go ahead and shoot me a DM on Instagram @joeyjayping or send an email to me at