Texas has given birth to popular artists in nearly every genre. Hip-hop is no different, with areas like Houston becoming the capitol of Southern rap. Hip-hop artists from Texas have been propelling the movement for many decades. The land of candy paint and chopped-and-screwed beats has given rise to some of the most prominent hip-hop artists currently making waves such as Megan thee Stallion, Maxo Kream, Don Toliver, OMB Bloodbath, and Sauce Walka. Meanwhile, artists such as Kaash Paige are holding down the grittier R&B side of things.

Heavy beats and incredibly tough flows are common for artists from this region. In recent years, Texas has been bubbling up again as one of the nation’s biggest hotbeds of rising talent. There are so many artists worth mentioning when it comes to “new hip-hop artists from Texas you need to know.” But, we’ve put together ten newer and powerful acts that are worth giving a listen. 

Tribe Mafia

Coming off the excitement of their debut album release, TeePee Gang, Tribe Mafia is an Austin, TX rap duo that we’re familiar with. Chinasa Broxton and Carlos Moore have been busy as hell touring with Akon, and penning hit songs such as “Like Cola” that saw radio play. They’ve been engaging and collaborating with a wide array of known and emerging artists. Their latest music video “Follow Me” featuring Leekthough properly showcases their high energy, yet spacey and wavy sound.


You have undoubtedly heard of or seen Tisakorean at some point. This Texas artist is responsible for many viral videos on TikTok and Triller. He’s become widely known for his sparse and minimalist beats that sound a lot like some old Soulja Boy vibes. Tisa, along with Kblast and Huncho the rockstar, are responsible for the viral hit, “Mop.” Newer tracks like “Aero (Blow The Whistle)” have also risen into the millions of views and streams.

Yung Al

Yung Al is an artist we’ve just recently put our eyes on that’s out of Houston. His standout debut single “Jungle Freestyle” quickly shot him into the spotlight. He’s become known for his smooth melodic bars over beats that undeniably hit every time. His last single “Fall In” saw a premiere from Worldstar and continues to lend rise to the bubbling artist.

Yella Beezy

Dallas spitter Yella Beezy has become a widely known name in the world for his sharp and bossed-up delivery. Some of the tracks that shot him into fame include “That’s On Me,” and “Bacc At It Again.” Within the last three years he’s exploded into a worldwide sensation. Regularly featured on Worldstar, his last single “Raccs” with Trapboy Freddy is well over 7 million views. Yella Beezy is sure to have a huge 2020 and following year.


Stacztootrill is another Houston artist that’s been on our radar for a minute. He’s been diligently carving out his name in the historic city of hip-hop. This year, he’s already given us a full project known as The Pain Tape that really delves into his trials and tribulations. One of his last music videos, “Blend” featuring Fmb LongMoney has all of the Houston chop and bop that you want. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming releases.

34 Brat

We had the opportunity to interview 34 Brat from Dallas, TX last year. She’s an unapologetic street spitter that literally has come from nothing. She aggressively approaches the mic with each bar and hasn’t been letting up on her drops. If there’s an underdog in hip-hop artists from Texas you need to check out, this is definitely one. Check out her recent music video for “Act Out” below and see how comfortably she turns up the flex.


DJG.O recently caught my attention on the @SayCheeseTV page on Instagram. He’s been building a hyphy and unique sound of Dallas. His distinct voice has a driving, choppy, and deep rasp to it that is oddly entertaining. You want to hear what he’s going to wheeze out next. Check out his single for “Pink Sherbert” below and get lit.


Viral dancing sensation, and prominent artist 10k.Caash is prophesied by many in Texas to be the next big thing. Creator of “the woah,” 10k has been amping up for something big, but still dropping little bangers here and there to keep us hungry. One of his more recent videos, “Flip Flop” already has over 200k views. Check out the ice cream paint job, and candy paint inspired track that has ample chopped-and-screwed qualities.

Rizzoo Rizzoo

Rising Houston artist Rizzoo Rizzoo is a newer signee to Sauce Walka’s The Sauce Familia. In the true flavor of H-Town, he has rapid-fire delivery and saucy braggadocious lines in each verse. He just dropped “Bigger Than The Nawf” music video that really showcases his verbal gymnastics.

S3nsi Molly

S3nsi Molly is a raunchy and confident emcee from Arlington, TX. She has the kind of following on social media that suggests she’ll be a widely known name by the end of the year. She largely blew up off her single “223” featuring Lil Brook that brags about straps and running up the bag. The track has the aggressive and minimalist type-beat that Texas has made famous. Her newest video for “Piano Flow” also knocks, check it out below.