New Music Friday Rebecca Black sza

New Music Friday Featuring Rebecca Black, Daniel Caesar & SZA

The peak of the week has arrived and the lineup is deep. This Friday, we got new releases from the hottest acts in the game right now as well as those with an established legacy. We even have the queen of Friday this Friday, Rebecca Black. Check it out below: 

New Music Friday

Let Her Burn — Rebecca Black

The exiled princess of Friday has returned to claim her throne. It’s a shame that someone who was cyberbullied so aggressively at the age of 13 is now part of a fictitious redemption arc considering she was never at fault in the first place. Yet, Rebecca Black is stronger than ever and not taking shit from anyone this time around. Listen to her full-length debut album and you won’t think about messing with her either, not because it’s ripe with self-esteem but for the simple reason that it’s a phenomenal pop record. The world owes her an apology, and right now would be a good time to make up for your past sins.

Raven — Kelela

R&B royalty Kelela pretty much went off the grid after dropping her debut album in 2017. Despite Take Me Out’s immense success, it took the Ethiopian American singer over five years to finally drop a follow-up because she was battling with perfectionism. “I remember coming out feeling so rusty,” she said. “I kept thinking that it was all really basic, and that I could come up with a better melody.” Fortunately, she realized it was all in her head and decided to retain the material that was recorded per her instincts. It’s a relief to have one of the most talented queer Black female artists back where she belongs!

Girl in the Half Pearl — Liv.e

There’s no shortage of artists trying to negotiate a deal with neo-soul, jazz and R&B, so it’s important to stop and smell the flowers when someone’s able to land a fair one. This body of work will make you see a broad range of colors in high definition but with the lights just a little dim. It’s intimate yet free of the stress that comes with opening yourself up to the world. Though her previous work was just as honest, this album feels like the one where she fully let her guard down. Coming to terms with yourself equips you with the tools to express yourself this freely, and we’re happy that Liv.e has finally arrived there.

“Thematically, it’s about the rebirth of myself and allowing myself to be who I am,” she said about her new release.

This Is Why — Paramore

The anticipation around this one has been mad because these aren’t just any fans we’re talking about; these are Paramore fans. Add to their intensity the six years since the group’s last album in 2017 and it becomes clear why so many people have been counting the days till this one hits the public domain. The most awaited album of the year by one of the biggest rock bands of all time — do you need another reason to press play?

Audiodidactic ­ — Lance Skiiiwalker

Top Dawg Entertainment has been so stacked with heavyweights since the beginning that Lance Skiiiwalker is often left out of their starting five. He’s never had the same star power as Kendrick Lamar or SZA, though some might argue that’s because he’s far more complex as an artist. His one album alone is a testament to his expansive range, and now we have another track list to validate his genius. Two weeks ago, Skiiiwalker announced his sophomore album and dropped its first single, “Beantown.” It’s now slowly becoming evident that he has mastered the role of the sixth man — a role player who brings as much to the team as those on the front line. Without him, TDE would lose its trademark flavor and Audiodidactic demonstrates exactly why.

“Lost” — Linkin Park

Most people have that one death that marked the end of their childhood. For some, it was Kobe, for others, it was Takeoff. Those who grew up around the rock-rap scene of the early 2000s tend to feel a certain way about Linkin Park, which is why vocalist Chester Bennington’s passing in 2017 hit a lot of people hard. It’s an emotional time for that crowd considering the group’s landmark album, Meteora, is approaching its 20th anniversary, but this also comes with some bittersweet news. As the band gears up to celebrate the upcoming milestone, they have made public a song from the 2003 recording sessions that didn’t make the record’s final cut. Thanks to “Lost,” it feels like Bennington’s still here with us — soak this one in.

“Special (SZA Remix)” — Lizzo

If you got something negative to say about Lizzo, you’re just trying too damn hard. We may understand if you’re not quite in the mood for the Rebecca Black song at the start, but SZA and Lizzo together? C’mon it’s set to be a smash. Four albums in, the multidisciplinary artist has proven herself over and over again to the point where she just keeps getting better with each release. We’re lucky to have reached a stage where we get to ask ourselves, “Does this get any better?” 

Turns out it does, because you know who else keeps getting better with each drop? SZA.

“Let Me Go” – Daniel Caesar

He hasn’t really missed so far, so don’t expect Daniel Caesar to start now. Just two weeks after the release of “Do You Like Me?” the singer-songwriter from Canada is back with another single. Sure enough, it’s dreamy, silky and soulful like so much other stuff he’s put out. Another year, another month, another release … another reason to call Caesar “consistent.”

“Lately” — Nav

Nav got a lot of haters, but somehow he’s managed to stay on top. He’s become one of those artists who generate incredible numbers while trending for all the wrong reasons, which is an odd combination. The Canadian rapper and producer is clearly doing something right, which means he at least deserves the benefit of the doubt. The biggest names in hip-hop want to work with him, so give his new solo single a listen. Do you see in him what others do? 

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