The Portland hip-hop scene has been incredible this past year.  Artists like Vinnie Dewaye, Myke Bogan, Mic Capes, and Tre Redeau have made national attention while dropping incredibly solid material.

Veterans like Mikey Vegaz and Cool Nutz are still pushing the scene to higher heights and the new generation has reached for the torches.  Even with our friend HANiF’s recent retirement, the hip-hop future for the city of Roses is looking bright.

Mikey Vegaz – 100 Bandz

Mikey Vegaz has been my favorite rapper from Portland since 2008.  If you are unfamiliar with MV you need to search our archives here or do a Google search home boy.

100 Bandz is one of the stand out bangers from his Rich Kulture project.  This joint goes and will fit in on whatever current hip-hop playlist you have on iTunes. 100% industry ready, Mikey has made a name for himself from the streets of Portland all the way to The Source magazine.

Donte Thomas – Oceans

Donte Thomas broke onto our radar winning Cassow and Trox‘s “Whose Got Next” contest a few years back. Donte is a very talented young gun from Oregon that consistently impresses and Ocean is one of his best works to date.

The track has amassed over 13k plays already! Having heard this before it dropped I’m excited for new listeners to finally hear this.

Cassow – Crazy, Crazy

Cassow has been industry ready long before his move to Los Angeles.  His new music video to the track ‘Crazy, Crazy’ may be the most artistic visual he has dropped to date.  I think we’ve all been in crazy relationships but Cassow depicts an insane relationship that doesn’t end to well in this unique visual.


Cover photo by Vl Visuals