Ever since TxE’s album Tetherball was released with a fantastic video to their track Swing Set, fans have been patiently waiting for more.  As you might recall, Tetherball, (the album), is TxE’s tribute to 90’s hip hop. So far, both videos from the project have captured this style well. In this video, the three members of TxE, (Tope, Epp and Calvin Valentine), pull out their old banana seat Schwinn bicycles for a scenic tour of the Portland area. The video itself is very creative and well made, produced by Artistic Outlet Media. I am not often impressed by music videos. I think it’s easy for producers to slap together a few good clips and call it a visual, but this one caught my attention and held it until the end of the track. Artistic Outlet really captured the attitude of this trio. The feel of the video is laid back and chill, which is exactly how I’ve found the members of TxE to be, in my brief interaction with them. This is definitely a video to check out. Also, head to TxE’s website to download “Tetherball”, the free album, for more tracks just as great as this one.

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