The New York City Diesel strain is one of the most popular strains used by cannabis consumers to date. A strong, pungent, fuel flavor is prominent in this special 60/40 Sativa dominant strain which makes this one a fan-favorite. The genetics include Sour Diesel crossed with Afghani which helps the New York City D perform at a very high level when it comes to putting a certain kind of gassy pep to your day or night.


This West Coast popular strain is a mash-up of Sour Diesel and an original Afghani strain. From the first appearance, this cannabis had beautifully trichomes and orange hairs that made it truly intoxicating. The instant aromatics of fuel and citrus hit your nose. It brings the gas and the sweet in one of the best dynamic hybrids created.


New York City Diesel is a perfect daytime Sativa. A cerebral head high paired with uplifting energy was quite noticeable and appreciated. This is a great strain for busy days or any social occasion. Medical benefits from this plant are astronomical for people fighting depression or people needing that extra shot of euphoria and energy needed to push through the day.

When creativity calls, expect this cut of Sour Diesel to deliver, plus this strain traditionally doesn’t provide effects like paranoia. The unique combination of genetics is also wonderful for appetite suppression. Different strains produce different effects. You never know what effects will help you the best.

New York City Diesel Strain Overview

  • Sativa
  • Genetics: Sour Diesel and Afghani
  • Aroma: Diesel, lime, grapefruit,
  • Flavor: Sweet, Gas